Wingardium leviosa!

Hey! Hey! Yes, there is some activity here! No, it’s not a joke! And I have a new project to share with you 🙂
I know I haven’t been very active during the last weeks (or month), I had to face several challenges, such as “I’m tired, I want to sleep”, “crap, I can’t do all the things I want to, I need a 30-hour day”, “why is this thing taking me so long?!”. Well, I guess that’s what happens when you go back to work after a very long hiatus. Good news, I just finish another project very soon 🙂

So today, you have guessed correctly, another Harry Potter knitting project! After the Herbology socks, I finally completed the Ginny’s cardigan, the very one in the cover of the magazine (the main reason to buy it).

Meet my new favorite cardigan! ♥

IMGP9786Pattern: Ginny’s cardigan by Mari Chiba
Yarn: Cascade 220 sport, color 9543 Midnight Blue

IMGP9790 Sorry for the weird face, my hairdresser has some sort of inspiration yesterday. And it’s too cold today to take more pictures!

So, what to say about this project?
It’s fun. Knitting is fun. After several projects with small needles (US 1 and 2), knitting with US6 is really fun.
It’s damn cute! The owl pattern is gorgeous. Some people might not notice these are owls but still find the pattern beautiful.

It’s easy. It’s a bottom-up project, seamless (except for the armpit). Lots of stockinette, a few short-rows and an easy lace pattern.
It’s genious. The technique used to attach sleeves is brilliant. And there are instructions to fit the chest depending on your bra cup (and of course, you’d better know your US size, which was not my case. Ahah).
It fits well. Look at all the versions knitted on Ravelry in different sizes! Everybody looks great! (which is not the case with all patterns). The only concern I have is the sleeves. Unless you have very very thin sleeves, don’t even think about wearing a long sleeves shirt under. Or block them larger (which is what I did).


My gauge didn’t go as expected. In order to get a size 36.5″, I knitted the size 40 1/4″. Hence the size of the owl pattern, it looks smaller than the model. To my own surprise, the yarn is soft. I love it! It’s great to wear and the color is so vibrant!
I also did a few minor modifications, nothing fancy. You can check my notes on Ravelry if you are interested.

The skirt is also hand-made, this is the Chardon skirt from Deer and Doe, with a mistake (I forgot to make the central pleat :S). It’s a nice skirt, and I never blogged about it because I don’t really know what to say about it.
I will very soon show you the jacket I made, so stay tuned! It’s was a time-consuming project but totally worth it! I am so proud of these 2 projects I just finished!

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  1. Cindy Hughes

     /  April 22, 2014

    gorgeous outfit!


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