Love is in the air

Valentine day is next week and I want to share with you a super cute tutorial.

Everything started with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law sewing some cute elbow patches. Then I found this tutorial on Pinterest (I have to confess, while I heard about it for ages, I only start to go there only weeks ago. I still have no account…). And this is how I started felting!


(sneak peek in my bedroom! Hey, it’s still winter, so no outdoor picture for a while!)

This a very easy and fast tutorial that will turn a dull sweater into something cute! For that, I used:
– a grey knit sweater I had for a long time and almost never wear because it’s not fancy
– felting needle. I used that one from KnitPick but I’m pretty sure you could find one in a local store
– unspun wool
– a felting mat (beware, they are different size, make sure the mat can enter in your sleeve!)
– a heart shaped cookie cutter

I definitely recommend you to watch the KnitPicks tutorial video, this is really helpful, specially if it is your first time. The tutorial for the heart patch is also very well written. I just have one advice to give: take very small piece of wool to felt everytime. For my first patch, I took a large strand of wool ; it was not easy to felt in the sweater and the result was not very neat. I had to remove and cut the extra, and let me tell you: you don’t want to do that because felting is kind of irreversible!
So instead, pick a thin piece of wool, don’t try to do the whole heart in one time, take your time and focus on the shape. the result will look way better! :)Also, beware when washing in the washing machine, my patches shrinked a bit :S


I really love the result, I even had some nice comments about it, plus my sweater just got a new life! And I can still wear it even it is not Valentine day (well, maybe not at the office!)
Did anyone else had some great projects in felting? It’s just so easy and a fun way to personnalize your clothes! Or any super cute Valentine projects to share?