Small knitting

Oh boy! It’s been 4 months! I had this article in my draft folder for weeks. I’m such a bad bad blogger!

So as you may read now, I am still alive but I’ve been stuck in a tornado for the last 3 months, lots of things happened, lots of change to manage, and let’s face the truth, no time to sew and no desire to blog. But as I checked my board on WordPress, I was surprised to see I still has visitors coming (thank you! It cheered me up), and not all from the random search! So I thought I could pluck up courage and write again. Because I did a few things, I am just too busy and too lazy to model and take pics.

So let’s talk about small knitting projects. Yeah, because my last 2 sewing projects are the little black I sewed for New Year’s Eve and a blouse I will show you maybe next time. So what was I saying? Small knitting projects. I had 2 obsessions in my mind: spoiling my little cousin (it’s a girl! She is now 8 weeks old and she is the cutest baby in the world!) and destashing a bit.

I found some interesting free knitting projects for babies. I bought 2 skeins of Cascade 220 superwash and decided to go for the Cable Raglan Baby Sweater, by Rebecca L Daniels (published in the free Interweave pattern books). It’s simple and yet, a bit sophisticated. I have to say, I like knitting for baby. Like my friend says: it’s instant gratification! 🙂 It doesn’t take weeks to finish!


IMGP0011I later added some snap-on to close the little cardi.

After the sweater, I had lots of leftover, so I knitted a hat for the baby. I used the Hurricane hat pattern that I modified to get a size that fit a newborn. Because I am too lazy, there is no picture. Yep, I sent the package (late) and didn’t take any picture before. But I got pictures from my cousin [and I won’t post them here because that’s private] and it fits her daughter! 🙂 And apparently she’s wearing it a lot 🙂

In my attempt to destash, I also use the leftover from my Ginny’s cardigan (1.5 skeins of Cascade 220 sport. Not my favorite yarn). Back in December-January, I needed a cowl to wear with my asymmetric jacket and to cover my neck, I thought it would a great chance to destash. The good news is I now have a warm cowl to wear with my jacket. The bad news is it took me less yarn than expecting, so I still have 0.5 skein of Navy Cascade 220 sport yarn and no idea what to do with it. What do you do with your yarn remaining?!? I would be curious, because I really don’t know what to do with mine :S

For my cowl, I decided to start from a pattern, the Sea Leg Scarf by Allison Haas, from a Knitscene magazine I bought some time ago. It’s a simple cable scarf that I tweaked a bit.


IMGP0019The seam. Not really great…IMGP0021

So I have a good news for you! While it really took me weeks or months to finish to write this post, my mojo is back and I am back in business. Today I sewed the Moneta dress from Colette patterns (and I broke my twin needle. Grr) and I have other projects in mind for the upcoming weekends. My only struggle is to find time to model and to post-treat the pictures (but today, I also finally post-treated pictures I took last year in June. There is hope for me! ;)).

See you soon!

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