Expecto patronum!

For those you don’t know me, I am a fan of Harry Potter. I won’t call myself a big, hard core fan because I don’t know the name all the spells, I didn’t dressed up for each movie release and I went to the theater only for the last two movies. Still, I like Harry Potter a lot and wish I read it earlier and directly in English (I read the first 3 books in French, and 7 years later, start again in English. And read again the last 4 books in English the year after).

So when Interweave released their Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine, I immediately looked at it, enjoyed it but didn’t buy it. While some patterns are gorgeous, there aren’t very practical to wear in the everyday life. I fell in love with the cardigan wore in the cover (Ginny’s cardigan) and thought about a way to do it myself, by tweaking a pattern. And I looked again at the magazine, noticed all the other patterns I could make, like the socks, and decided to buy it.

Since I had some sock yarn in my stash, I started with a sock pattern: the Herbology socks. Perfect match for my green yarn! (in the meantime, I was able to select and order yarn for the Ginny’s cardigan).

Pattern: Herbology socks, by Rachel Coopey

The pattern is not very complicated. I worked with DPN only and my biggest challenge was the cable work. I usually enjoy cable work, but it’s a different story when I have to use DPN, especially when the cable pattern repeats every 4 rows all over the sock! Let’s me tell you, I’m glad I’m done with that pattern. I will be more careful while selecting my next sock pattern to avoid cable work. On the other hand, the lace work is easy, it repeats every 8 rows, no complicated stitches.

I finished the pair of socks last week and I am now facing a little problem: it seems like they are too big for me. I casted-on a size 8″ 1/4 (I was afraid the 7″1/4 would be too small for me) and they fit loosely. On the other hand, Mr Hubby tried them and the fit is perfect for him. He seems quite excited that I knit something for him (ahem) and keep telling it would be perfectly for the very cold snowy days (ahem).


Yarn: Stroll tonal, from Knit Picks, color: Springtime (I hope you’re not blind, they are kind of flashy!)

IMGP9487Lots of cable work!

Yeah, I am a bit reluctant to give them to him, but I might just borrow these socks from time to time 😉 As long as he doesn’t notice it… Which might not be easy because of the color, but since Mr Hubby doesn’t even notice when I go to the hairdresser, I am not too worried about it! 😉

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  1. Beautiful socks. I can understand you might not be willing to part with them just yet when you’ve spent all the time on a tricky pattern.
    Your last paragraph did make me laugh!

  2. Vraiment? On se demande par qui il a été élevé :))


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