Ce n’est qu’un au revoir….

Ladies (gentlemen?!), let’s face the truth: I can’t blog on a regular basis. Every time, weeks and weeks go before I force myself to write something.

I finished a Moneta dress about a month ago, I haven’t find time to model it, though I wore it on several occasions (light is not great in my new apartment and I don’t feel like modeling alone with my tripod in a public space). I already forgot the details and story around it. Same goes for a cardigan (the lovely Baileys Irish cream. I love love it), except I have some nasty stories about the yarn I used.

Honestly, I don’t feel like blogging. I started a few sewing projects and froze them (I still need to finish to work on my Anna dress muslin), or I don’t like the result (this evening, I made the infamous Plantain from Deer and Doe. The shape is great, but I no longer like my fabric :S). I need a break from blogging.

I’ll let things settle down and when I’ll feel like talking about my sewing adventures, I’ll be back.

Take care, try new projects, learn new technics and don’t forget to have fun!


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  1. A break can be good, I am always amazed at how bloggers can find the time and energy to sew, take photos and write up detailed posts on their makes! I look forward to seeing you pop up on my blog feed in the future 🙂


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