Analysis paralysis

Definition: State of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome
Example: Mr Hubby playing tactical boardgame and perfecting his strategy for the next 5 rounds. (I am barely exagerating)

I am the kind of person who lives in action, in movement. I move forward, I hate to feel stuck and worst, I hate to go backward. But sometimes, not very often, I got stuck in contemplation and I hate it. This is what is happening to me at the moment. I have so many projects in mind that I don’t know which one to pick and where to start.  So I’ll do what I usually do in this situation, I’ll write it down! Basically, I will share with you my inspiration / to-do list.

Let’s start with my knitting projects. That’s easy because I am pretty reasonable with that.

At the moment, I am knitting a pair of socks, the Herbology socks! Yes, Herbology like in Harry Potter! 🙂 Of course! Because the pattern comes from a little gem, the “Unofficial Harry Potter Knits” from Interweave, special issue 2013. Look at that! Lots of great projects!

Have you seen the cardigan in the cover (the Ginny’s cardigan)? This is my next project! This is so cute! (and I still need more cardigans in my wardrobe).

So as I told you, knitting is under control.

Sewing is a different story! I am crumbling under all the projects I would love to sew! I don’t knwo where to start and let’s face the truth, I don’t need so many dresses for the upcoming season! :S

First, there is the Anna dress from By Hand London. Beautiful dress either in long version or short version. Look at Tasia’s version! I like very much the short version, I am sure it would be great with my wax fabric coupon but at the moment, what I need is a fall dress, not a summer dress. No fabric in stash for it, so first I need to go fabric shopping 😦

(Source: By Hand London)

I have a jacket in boiled wool I need to refashion because it’s too big. Well, the size was not a problem back in France because I needed to wear big sweaters to not be cold, but since there’s nothing in California that we can call cold winter, I need to downsize it.

And speaking of refashion, the French readers might have heard from the last Thread & Needles’s challenge: the Extreme Sewing Makeover. I am usually not into challenges, but I am really tempted to participate to this one. And this is a real drama for me since I don’t know which cloth to refashion. I have a pencil Suede skirt that I would like to recycle. I have this lovely skirt that I wore just once for Christmas years ago. I have this shirt that doesn’t fit me. Arrgggg. I can’t reach any decision and this is driving me crazy!!! So I might just end up not participating :S

If you understand French, love sewing  and never heard of Thread & Needles, well, I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

I still have some copycat projects in mind. Ahem. Like the Pine all mine dress. Yeah, I know I first talked about it last year, some readers asked me for advices and patterns, and so far, ahem, I haven’t done anything. But I really want to sew it and I believe it’s not too complicated. I need some fabric, but first and foremost, I need to correct my Cambie dress muslin (remember my fitting problems, like I can’t expand my ribs when I sit??) because this will be the pattern to tweak.  So lots of work!

Modcloth has also released another beautiful dress, the Tea Time After Time Dress. While I am not a fan of the zipper construction and the poor design of the bow, I can totally see a little back dress in it. I could use New Look 6000 as a base pattern (which is a pattern I like a lot but haven’t buy yet) and tweak it a bit.

(Source: Modcloth)

I want a lovely jacket for the fall days. Something warm, comfy and fitted. In fact, I want a perfecto.

I fell in love with Clara’s look in one of Doctor Who’s episode and now want a perfecto. A grey one in wool (yeah, now it doesn’t have much to do with Clara’s one). And the good thing is: Burda has a lot of perfecto patterns. But the bad things is: Burda and I are not really good friends, I am afraid it would get messy.

Burda model 116, March 2012

So now you see the drama, how I am stuck between all these beautiful projects! I want to sew them all!! But I have limited time and only one machine and two arms! I think I will go for the perfecto first… Or maybe for the wool jacket refashion! I don’t know, we’ll see what will be my next post 😉

Edit: I made my decision: the next project will be the wool jacket, because morning are getting cooler, and also because my office is freaking cold!!!

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