Knit me forever…

For some reasons, lots of people believe I am a very good knitter with lots of experience. And while it’s true I like technical challenges (if it’s easy, it’s not fun!) and mastered several technics and knitted lots of sweaters, I am still a recent knitter. I started knitting during the holiday season in 2011 because I needed a hat to visit some friends in Washington, DC for New Year Eve.

I learn a lot from my friends who are very experienced, like how alpaca drapes and stretches, new bind-off and cast-on technics, materials… Sometimes, you can spot very easily the rookie in me, because I still do some big mistakes, like any beginner. My last project is a very good example of my beginner level. I knitted a tank, with lace yarn, with US1 needles. Yes, you read it correctly. Size. 1. While the pattern calls for US 4. Yes, call me crazy. And inexperimented!



Pattern: Cable Back Shell top (Purl Soho)
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace

I fell in love with the Cable Back Shell top from Purl Soho. I read the instructions and bought some lovely lace yarn (Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace), like recommended. I knitted my gauge with the size recommended (US4) and got the dimension expected. Except I didn’t like the size of the stitches. Too big, too loose. So I reduced the size of my needles to US2, then US1 and finally got a perfect result.
This is the moment of the story when my friends hold their breath and look at me with big eyes. I can’t be serious, knitting with US1??? Well, yes, why not?!
Can you spot the rookie who didn’t realize she will add about 40 st/row, for a total of 200 extra rows? Huge huge mistake.


See the size of the stitches? I still don’t know what cross my mind that day!

I quickly realized every row was taking me way too much time to complete, but I decided to stick with my plan. I knitted 560 rows x 192 st. About 107,500 stitches! I can’t believe I did that, this is way too much!! The global feeling I had about this project is “this is taking me forever”. It took me 2 months to complete the project, which is longer than when I knit a sweater! And there is not even sleeves with this project!!! So lesson learnt, don’t ever knit a cloth in size US1!!!

This project has been very painful but totally worth it! Look at the drape and the finish aspect! I love it. I knit a size 37″, which means 1″ of ease.


IMGP8979Mr Hubby and I are still debating about the color of the yarn. I see some light mint green while Mr Hubby sees some shade of blue. I don’t care, because the yarn is soft and warm, and the color is gorgeous. This is a very unusual color for me but I really like it. So I am thinking to add more of this shade in my wardrobe.

Now that never-ending project is over, you might think I am taking a break from knitting. Well, I already started a new knitting project, a pair of socks knitted with US2 needles. At first, I found the yarn to be thick and the needles huge! 😉 But it’s so much nicer!

Ladies, don’t tell me I am the only one who still do mistake! Any rookie mistake to share?

Also, I just noticed there are now some ads from WordPress at the bottom of my article. I can’t see them because of my browser, but how does that works for you? Let me know because I am thinking about changing my subscription. Thanks!

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  1. Ann

     /  September 25, 2013

    I am new to your blog, having discovered you when I was searching for posts about the Belladone dress, which I am working on right now. I had to post a comment today, because I cannot allow you to refer to your beautiful sweater vest as a “rookie mistake”. Although you may have spent more time than you intended on it, it is perfect in every way. It would be a mistake only if it had not turned out well. Think of it as “art to wear”, and the time doesn’t seem disproportionate to the result at all. Congratulations on the evenness of your stitches, the perfection of the fit, and the way you look in this beautiful shade of blue.

    • Hi Ann,
      thank you for the kind comment (you see it blue. Interesting). I didn’t say the tank (or vest) was a rookie mistake, I love it very much and the final result is great. The rookie mistake was picking the wrong size of needles and no thinking that knitting a sweater with such small needles was a stupid idea.
      As for the evenness of the stitch, it wasn’t great until I blocked it and then it became beautiful and regular. I guess that the magic of blocking! 🙂

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous. Well worth the time spent on it.
    I think anyone who doesn’t knit, classes anyone who can knit, ‘an expert’. I think we are just willing to have a go, follow a pattern, and with a bit of logical thinking, adjust to suit.

  3. Bleu aussi pour moi! Ça doit être génétique 🙂
    Mais il est véritablement superbe: fin, drapé, élégant… À propos le top avec le tissu de chez Toto aussi.
    Je lis ce soir sur ma tablette mais avec le browser mercury… Donc , pas de pub visible.
    Coucou à vous deux

  4. odile

     /  September 29, 2013

    Pas de pub non plus avec le gros ordi et Firefox mais on a add block dessus;


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