Datura blouse… with flowers

A flower calls for more flowers…

After my Belladone bitter failure, I was not done yet with Deer and Doe. After desesperately looking for a blouse pattern for the splendid rayon fabric I brought from my last trip in France (from Toto in Rennes. Thank you Odile for your patience!), I ordered a Datura blouse and a Chardon skirt patterns. To tell you the truth, the Datura blouse pattern didn’t catch my eye when it was first released (in fact, except for a few exceptions, patterns never catch my eyes when published, only after I see different versions). And I have to say, I’m glad I bought it!

IMGP8945The splendid rayon fabric. I am totally in love with it. And the fabric is so soft!

IMGP8948It’s not wrinkled, there is just too much wind to take a good picture of the blouse on the hanger :S

As usual, I made a muslin and started lowering the bust darts. I didn’t know where to add the extra 2″ for my long torso: at the bottom of the yoke or on top of the bodice? So after a quick email conversation with Eleonore, she recommended me to position the seam as for a bustier dress. So I ended up adding 1″ at the bottom of the yoke and 3/4″ on top of the bodice. I also lenghtened the bodice by 3/4″ at the bottom and shortened the armhole in the back by 1/2″ because I thought the armholes looked big on all the versions I saw online.

I had to made a few other modifications, like it’s a size 40 around the shoulder, but 38 at the bust seam. I modified some steps of the blouse construction because it made more sense for me and my love for French seams. My muslin was supposed to be wearable but so far, it is still on the back of my chair waiting for alterations :S So rather than doing these alterations, I cut the modified pieces in my rayon fabric and started sewing.

Everything went right, except for one detail. but that’s my fault. The pattern is not complicated, explanations are clear, both in French and English (at some point, I couldn’t find the French leaflet so I used the English one instead!) I lined the yoke with a different fabric (warning, rookie mistake!!), a mix of cotton and polyester and I had a hard time when I realized my rayon yoke was a bit larger than my lining yoke. Ahah. Drama. But with a shorter seam allowance, things got back in order. And tadam, I have a Datura!

IMGP8956So proud of myself! Perfect fit and so neat inside!

IMGP8968The perks of wearing white clothes: you can see my tan! Yes, yes, I tanned a bit this summer! Hey I live in California, I can’t stay white forever! 😉

IMGP8964 Back view. Not so sure about the 3/4″ I added at the bottom. Anyway, better longer than shorter!

I am so in love with that garment! I could wear the blouse everyday. The color is perfect, the fabric is perfect, the design is perfect, the sewing is perfect. I have some extra fabric remaining and I am thinking about what to do with it (not enought to do another blouse, more likely a Sorbetto top). I will sew more Datura for sure, but may be not now, it’s time to start sewing for fall and winter (mouharhar… like there is a winter here…).

Speaking of fall, look what I found in my garden! 😉


Stay tuned ladies, I am about to finish my last knitting project!

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