Hey there!

I haven’t post anything for the last 3-4 weeks and I just wanted to let you know that I am not dead! Still in this galaxy!
I had lots of up and down this summer and I had to deal with a lot of frustation because of my failed sewing projects (yeah, I am not completely over it yet!). In fact, I haven’t sew much and when I finally had projects in mind, I ordered the patterns and had to wait for holiday return! Bad timing. I also have a boring/way-too-long knitting project that I am about to finish. So hopefully, I should be able to show you a few projects soon.

There is also a major change that happened very recently and that will severely impact my sewing projects: I just returned to work! 🙂 After 3 years of unemployement, that’s quite a change! My first job in the US! I am very excited about this great news and I know the hardest is behing me now. I now have 2 new existential problems: commute and finding time for my activities. But that’s nothing compared to having to constantly deal with rejection, so I am okay with that 🙂

Back to work!! 🙂

This means I may not be able to complete and post sewing projects as much as I want to (I am not worried for my knitting projects since I knit when I can’t sew). I will need adjustements and I really wonder how some sewist manage a professional life, a mother life and a crafty life! I’ll try to sew 30min-1hour at a time, hopefully it will works for me!

Stay tuned for my Datura blouse, coming soon!

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  1. Bon courage pour tout! En voyant la photo, j’ai bien cru que tu avais succombé au charme de l’un des pensionnaires du refuge….

    • Merci Odile!
      Ahah, non, pas de kitty à la maison (I would love to). Dans la prochaine maison 🙂 Nan, c’est juste qu’un article sans photo c’est pas très intéressant à lire, alors autant ajouter quelquechose de mignon.
      Tiens, sinon, j’ai vu ca l´autre jour, ca devrait te plaire, il y a même un golden retriever!


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