On my to-sew list #1

I haven’t been sewing much these last weeks and it’s possible I don’t have much time in the next weeks. So rather than showing finished garment, let’s talk about my next projects since I have a new stash of fabric waiting to be cut.

1/ a Datura top from Deer and Doe. Like most of the blogosphere, I want a Datura top. I came back from France with a beautiful rayon that would be perfect for this project and I am thinking about another Datura with contrasting fabric to use (huge) remainings…

(Source: Deer and Doe)

2/ speaking of the devil, I also like very much the Chardon skirt pattern. Very lovely. I ordered it with the Datura (I am waiting to be delivered) but have no idea which fabric to use.

3/ I have a beautiful wax fabric that I initially intended to use for a Lonsdale dress (from Sewaholic), after I saw Lauren’s Hawaiian dress. But since then, By Hand London published the Anna dress, and it might be a good project too for this fabric… Hard choice… :S

(Source: Sewaholic)

(Source: By Hand London)

4/ more cardigans! At the moment, I am working on a tank (the cable back shell from Purl Soho) but because of my yarn and needle choices, it’s taking me forever. But it’s not a bad thing because it gives me time to think about my next cardigan and I am not yet decided… Any suggestion?

(Source: Ravelry / Purl Soho)

5/ The other night, I realized I ordered the Thurlow pants as a self Christmas present. Ahum. I still haven’t copy the pattern. And since I am currently working to muscle my legs, I will wait for a few months because my body might change again and I don’t want to waste my beautiful suit fabric for a pair of pants too big. So no Thurlow pants for the moment… 😦

(Source: Sewaholic)

Basically, that’s a lot of summer clothes, but we should have great weather until late October, so I still have time to make them and wear them before it’s too cold (well, if this ever happens. I love California!)

And you, what’s on your to-sew list? Are you already preparing for the fall and winter? What kind of garment are you sewing these days?

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  1. Je tricote des chaussettes pour Bob! Elles seront sur Ravelry d’ici une dizaine de jours sans doute!
    J’attends avec impatience de voir l’usage que tu feras du beau wax acheté à Rennes.


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