Recycling #2

Remember the Belladone dress? Yeah, I know, I showed it as a failed project. But guess what? I turned it into something better. Much much better! 🙂

I really love the light cotton fabric I used, a beautiful blue lawn from Lisette fabric. So I felt bad when I realized I screwed my Belladone dress. Since I had extra fabric, I thought I could do a Sorbetto top, but I changed my mind (as usually) and decided to go for a blouse, using New Look 6808 pattern (yes, this one again!). To tell you the truth, I changed my mind when I saw the aeroplane-free top of Florence from Flossie Teacakes. The yoke is so delightful I wanted something similar, but contrasting!
So I used the extra of the lining of the Belladone dress! I think I can call it the Belladone blouse! 😉


There are just a few minor modifications. First, I skipped the zipper! Last time I sewed that pattern, I realized I didn’t need it, so no more zipper! No inside yoke to stabilize the neckline, just homemade bias. And now, the biggest challenge: while recycling the fabric, I realized I didn’t have enough fabric! The pattern is designed for a very long torso (for once! That’s nice), but even when making it shorter by 2″, I didn’t have enough for the front piece. This is the moment when creativity and fantasy meet: I added a contrasting band in the front to have the blouse long enough. Problem solved, no more bellybutton showing!



The yoke was pretty fun to design and this is something quite new for me. Not in terms of technics. But I never had this kind of feature in my wardrobe. Seriously. And guess what, I like it! A pleated yoke with a constrating piping, lovely. And the contrasting band at the bottom just looks nice. I am pretty happy with that new blouse, I had some nice comments from my friends, so I guess it’s a success! 🙂 I need more pieces like this one in my wardrobe.


Hop, yoke details!

Love love that blouse! Much better than my initial project! 😉

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