The international Saturn

One of my conclusions after MMM’13 was: I need more cardigans. So I recently started collecting cardigan patterns on Ravelry and once I finished my lace stole, I started knitting a cardigan.

For my first cardigan, I opted for a basic and easy pattern (after knitting lace for weeks, I needed something quite simple) from the Summer 2013 issue of KnitScene: the Saturn cardigan by Hilary Smith Callis.

Source: © Knitscene/Harper Point

I struggled a bit to find the right yarn. I needed a fingering yarn with a 22st=4″ gauge in US 4 needle. Basically, I needed a sock yarn. After bothering the seller checking the whole store for almost an hour, I ended up buying some Isager Strik Alpaca Merino 2, a beautiful yarn made of Alpaca and Merino.

My gauge didn’t go as expected and with US 5 needles, I had 22st=3.75″, which wasn’t as bad as expected. I wanted a size 37″ (instead of 35.5″ and 40″, nothing in between :S), but with my unexpected gauge, by knitting a size 40″, I would end up with a size 37.5″, something like that.


The project went fast, as I knitted a lot in France, when bored, or travelling in the train or in the flight, on our way back to California (I confirmed, travelling with a knit in a flight is easy as long as you use cable needles and you have a not-complicated project. No problem with safety staff to report).


I ended up with a size 36.5″ (not bad!) with full sleeves. The fit is perfect, as you may notice. The sleeves are a bit tight and with this gauge, it would have been better to do only half the decreases. My only issue: I used less yarn than expected and now I have about 1.7 skeins remaining in the main color and about 0.9 skein of the contrasting color. I don’t know what to do with it 😦


I love that project, it’s very comfy and exactly what my wardrobe needed. Still, I need more of it. But guess what? My next knitting project is not a cardigan! Wait and see! 😉

By the way, I have a question for you dear readers. I recently noticed one of my pictures has been pined on Pinterest, which is flattering at first, but not nice since nobody asked for my permission and my pictures are not free of use. How do you protect your photos and your work? Do you use a plugin that prevent your photos to be pinned or downloaded? Do you use Pinterest? Please feel free to share your opinion, I would love to hear how you handle this. Thanks !

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