Flower power

During my trip in France, I went fabric shopping. Of course I did, it would have been a shame not to go on a shopping spree! I found some real bargain in Montmartre (Paris) in stores selling coupons, but also in Rennes while visiting Mr Hubby’s parents. My mother in law was kind enough to bring me to Toto stores, which I didn’t have a chance to “visit” in Paris.

So far, I came home with 10 lbs of fabric (Mr Hubby made some innuendos about our suicase being overweighted on our way back…), and my friends, I made some really good bargain!
– 3 meters x 60″ of suit fabric for 5 Euros! Perfect for my Thurlow pants!
– 6m x 60″ of knit fabric for a dress and some Renfrew, for 20 Euros
– 5.8m x 60″ of African wax, made in Netherland, for 22 Euros! It’s a real shame considering the quality, it should be more, but it will be perfect for an ethnic Longsdale dress
– 1.5m of a lovely viscose, for a top
– 1.5m of a lovely knit fabric with a beautiful flower pattern for 1.5 Euros. The initial price was 3 Euros for the coupon, but as it was 50% off…

So here I am with a lot of fabrics, for less than $100. Now my current problem is where I’m going to tidy up this mess. Part of the solution is to destash, and as my knit fabric from Toto kept calling my name… I didn’t take me long to cut and sew a new Renfrew t-shirt. Look at that! Isn’t cool, is it?

IMGP8662The flower pattern is huge, it hasn’t been easy to place the paper pattern, cut the fabric and get the best of it. In fact, I had to remove the band at the bottom and at the sleeves and instead, I cut the bodice and the sleeves longer. I love the result, so beautiful. I would love to wear it everyday! Look at the back!

IMGP8679It was windy when I took the pictures, so I can’t resist to show you what happened when I untied my pony tail…

IMGP8666 Ho, look at me, I am a model, my hair goes so wild! 😉

I have a lot of stuff to show you in the next weeks: a failed project, my last knit, some weird attempts at recycling… Stay tuned!

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  1. Béa

     /  July 20, 2013

    Brilliant!!!! Perfect pattern placing! I love it.


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