Cold rush mountain

Wedding clothes, part 2!

Now that I showed you how Mister Hubby was dressed, my turn! I made my dress (quite a complicated topic) and to accessorize it, I wanted a lace stole to wear on my shoulders. I know, I know, in the past, I said lace stole were like fago singer/dancer (very dramatic) and that I hate lacework. But hey! I changed my mind, it’s never too late for that!

Several months ago, I made a sort of mistake while buying wool for a project. I bought a skein of Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace and realized it would never work for the project I had in mind. The yarn is gorgeous but I had no idea what to do with it… except lacework. I didn’t have much information about the gauge but since I wanted a lace stole, I checked on Ravelry projects using this yarn and I ended up finding the Cold Mountain stole that I noticed months ago (but never realized I already have the yarn for :S).

(Source: Kieran Foley)

Cold Mountain is a free pattern with lacework only. Reviews say it’s not a complicated project, and that’s true. It’s not complicated, no, nothing fancy, but it requires lot of focus. You can’t knit it while socializing, you will end up doing mistake or skipping conversation. You can barely watch TV and knit, I have to say, I haven’t follow much what was going on on the Doctor Who episodes Mister Hubby watched these nights.

IMGP8631Cold rush mountain stole: my notes on Ravelry here

And why “rush” you may ask? Well, I had a deadline, June 15th, just to make sure I could block the project before to fly to France. It was a short deadline, I had to speed up a bit and stop counting stitches every row. I made it almost on target: the knit was blocked the night before we left (the 18th), just in time! 🙂


Now about the yarn! It’s a very thin yarn, I was afraid to break it but don’t worry, it’s astrong yarn. Very good quality, very regular, and soft. It’s a mix of silk and merino. So it’s warm too 🙂 I knitted it with US 4 needles and it went well. I just had to switch for wooden needles, sharper than my regular needles (in acrylic) and with a better grip.
The best part with this yarn? A skein is 1094 yards! Yes, it’s pretty long to wind it but once you knit, you don’t have to change skein and you only have to weave in two times: at the beginning and the end of the project. I like that very much! 🙂 To tell you the truth, I used only 3/4 of my skein, which means I still have about 300 yd remaining for another project.
Any idea or lovely project to recommend? Feel free to share!

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  1. Pour utiliser les restes, tu peux aller voir ce site :
    Elle a un certain nombre de jolies petites Ă©charpes en modèle gratuit et ses explications sont très claires. C’est avec elle que j’ai commencĂ© Ă  tricoter dentelle. Tu pourras les voir sur ma page. Comme chez nous il fait plus froid que chez toi, j’ai utilisĂ© une laine Ă  chaussette plus Ă©paisse mais avec celle de ton Ă©tole, cela devrait´être parfait.
    Psst? Je récupérerais bien la photo de ton homme non floutée!!


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