Like a sir

Happy Independance Day!

We came home a few days ago after almost 2 weeks in good old France. Our trip went well, we saw family and friends, our storage in Paris area is now empty and our friends are now married ♥. So I can show you all the stuff I knitted/sewed for this amazing event.

Let’s start with Mr Hubby! I don’t sew very often for Mr Hubby (except for phone cases… :S), so it is now time to show some fashion for man!
A few month ago, almost as a joke, I offered Mr Hubby the possibility to sew him a vest for the wedding of one of his close friend from grad school. He contemplated the possibility for a few minutes and to my own surprise accepted my offer, even though it meant to wear a bow tie rather than a tie (which was terra incognita for both of us). He was excited about the idea of being like a sir (and the potential to recycle the vest for his shark pool activity). In fact, he loved that idea so much that he printed some plastic moustaches for the whole gang and we ended up wearing them during the wedding 🙂 That’s what we call the French touch! 😉 (btw, it was a American-French wedding, so we had to made the point with the bride’s guest! But that’s another story).

Like a sir. You got the idea…

Back to the vest! The project was quite easy except for one detail: the fabric. I had the pattern (remember New Look 6659 ?), it’s an easy one, but we needed a suit fabric that matches with Mr Hubby suit, which is a shade of grey with thin stripes. Not a easy job but we (yes, it was a team job) finally found a beautiful navy stripey suit fabric at Fabric R Us in San Jose, CA (on Berryessa road) for $5/yd!
Second challenge, the interfacing. Over the last months, I faced several issues with interfacing. Sometimes, it unglued, sometimes it wrinkled. Sometimes both happened 😦 So I decided it was time to do something I never did before: pre-wash the interfacing in cold soapy water before to iron it. Well, that was a brilliant idea since it shrinked! And when I apply the interfacing, I didn’t use steam to avoid the interfacing to stretch. Look at that!

interfacingAs you may notice, interfacing shrinked and I have a gap up to 1/4″ in the middle front. 

The project went well. I made a toile first and made some minor alterations: I reduced the side, below the armhole by 1/2″ on each piece and lowered the neck line a bit (about 5/8″). I decided to close the fake pockets to avoid any weird shape. Even my buttonholes look good 🙂

like a sirSir Hubby and his bowtie! ♥

Tadam! Lovely and easy project. More pics from the front and back for the curious one!



Now I have a problem. I made a dress for that same wedding but 1/ I don’t have any picture of it (ahah, this is so me!), 2/ I am not sure that dress is wearable again, I had a problem with the fabric while wearing it. So you may have to wait for a while to see it, but don’t worry, I have something else to show you.

Stay tuned!

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