MMM’13 – week 4 and 5

Also known as “the MMM’13 disaster weeks”.

I don’t know about you but taking pictures of myself every day is kind of annoying. I decided to wait everyday for Mr Hubby to come home to take photos, rather than dealing with the tripod. And then, I got lazy, I caught a bad cold, I disappeared all weekend in a board game convention (did I ever mention I am a board game player?). Some days, I looked too sick to be on photo!
In other words, this week, I don’t have much pictures to show you :S But let’s recap!

Wednesday 22nd: while digging in my wardrobe in the last weeks, one of my top kept calling my name and I kept ignoring it since it’s not a favorite of mine. But Wednesday was its day and so I wore a top I made a long time ago. Remember New Look 6913? That’s a real shame I don’t have any picture to show since after all, this top is not that bad…

Thursday 23th: not sure, I think I wore the Geodesic cardigan, or maybe not, can’t remember (this is why you want to take pictures!). And I started to feel sick, so I remembered wrapping my Mohr circles shawl around my neck. I didn’t expect to wear it before next fall but since I was not feeling well, it was quite handy.

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th: my cold is getting worse and as I was supposed to help a friend to promote his game at the Kublacon (a board game convention) for the whole weekend in a huge air-conditioned hotel. I wore my favorite fall outfit: my black Renfrew with my Parcel pullover. Too bad I don’t have a picture to show you because the necklines of the t-shirt and the sweater match really well and I can wear both together and feel so warm and comfy! Still, the cold got worse and I lost my voice.

Monday 27th: no hand-made clothes.

Tuesday 28th: as I’m catching up with my late projects and writing the first part of this post, I felt so ashamed this morning that I took a picture of the hand-made cloth I am wearing today: my first pair of Sunday Swing socks! Please apologize for the weird picture, it is not easy to photograph feet and socks!


Wednesday 29th: no hand-made clothes

Thursday 30th: I wore for the first time a knit tank I finished knitting 10 days ago but couldn’t wear since the weather was not great. I’ll write a post about it later next week, it’s a lovely project. And yes, pictures are back!


Friday 31st: Another new project not blogged yet! 2 years after the whole sew-blogo, I made my own version of the Sorbetto tank from Colette Pattern. This is not a color I usually wear but I like it!


* * * * *

So, what is the conclusion of this MMM challenge?
– taking pictures almost everyday is a pain with the back.
– I am now a better sewer: better work, better fitting adjustment and better fabric choice.
– I need more tops, more skirts, more cardigans. I should not wear so often jeans (time to sew some Thurlow pants!). My wardrobe needs more clothes, but on the other hand, I found some clothes I totally forgot about it.
– 3 clothes/week was an easy target, next time I’ll try 5/week. This month, I wore 21 hand-made clothes (some were worn several times over the month) and 1 refashioned blouse, which means 4.5 clothes/week (!!)

How did your MMM’13 challenge went? What did you learn?
See you next week for more details about my tank tops…

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  1. En tous cas, c’est un challenge où tu as vraiment assuré. Bravo.
    J’espère que ton rhume est passé après le WE chats.
    Le top bleu avec les pois ton sur ton est fort joli et te va très bien.

    • Merci Odile pour les encouragements!
      Un article est prévu sur le top bleu d’ici une semaine, donc plus de détails à venir. Mr Hubby a dit que ca faisait un peu top de maternité :S Moi aussi j’aime beaucoup et c’est tellement rapide à faire avec peu de tissus que je vais enfin pouvoir recycler mes grandes chutes de tissus!


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