MMM’13 – week 3

Already the third week?!? Man! Where’s May is going?

Wednesday 15th: here is a new skirt I am wearing for the first time, made with the remaining of my last Cambie dress. I used the New Look 6873 pattern (the same used for my pair of shorts) as a base but since I didn’t have enough fabric for the pleats, I just gathered. This skirt is perfect for summer time!


Thursday 16th: it was a crazy day! I had a lot of meetings and commitments that day. That evening I had a professional networking evening were I wore my navy blouse (New Look 6808) with my Geodesic cardigan. No picture since I came home late in the night, but trust me, I looked professional!

Friday 17th: the return of the black vest! It’s so versatile, I can wear it with shirts, t-shirts, I really like that piece and I am thinking about sewing another one…

IMGP8226Me, smiling? I know, I look SOOOO happy…

Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th: was very busy, no handmade clothes.

Monday 20th: very hot day! I digged in my wardrobe to find a top I made pre-blog which is perfect for hot day. The pattern is New Look 6179 and the fit is not bad, but could be much better. In fact, I modified the pattern, made a wearable muslin and lost the modified pattern 😦


Tuesday 21st: still digging in my wardrobe. Now it’s time for the vintage dot blouse (New Look 6808)


That’s it for week 3! How is MMM’13 going for you?

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