MMM ’13 – week 2

Wow, we are already in mid-May, time is flying! We are now half way through the challenge, so let’s see what my wardrobe had to offer last week.

Wednesday 8th: it’s not exactly a handmade cloth but I totally refashioned the blouse. It used to have the same fit as a bean bag so I had darts in front and back, reduced considerably the width and refashioned the belt by adding piping and attaching it. Much better now!

IMGP8194Mr Hubby is taking the picture, which explains the silly face!

Thursday 9th: that day, I went to a networking event so I dressed up! I am always impressed how underdressed some people can be sometimes when they go to this kind of event, not really professional :S So you may recognize my London Calling shirt (personal design) and the Geodesic cardigan.

IMGP8205Sorry for the weird face, but I was having such a bad day, everything went wrong that day! 😦

Friday 10th: as the last Friday, I have my volunteer shift at the Humane Society, so similar dress code again. I wore my blue stripey Renfrew, but no picture, so you’ll have to trust me on that one.

Saturday 11th: Hot day enjoying the Hungarian Festival held in Belmont (just in front of my former place!). It’s been quite a while since I last wore my Soda Fountain dress.


Sunday 12th: the return of the Cambie dress! I realized by the end of the day I forgot to take a picture, so I asked Mr Hubby to do it for me and since the temperature started dropping, my Geodesic cardigan was quite useful.


Monday 13th: similar look as last Wednesday, so no picture.

Tuesday 14th: since my target is 3 hand-made clothes/week, I think I can take a day off with the challenge! 😉

That second week of MMM’13 went okay for me but I started wondering what I’m going to wear for the next two weeks that I haven’t already show you! :S Anyone else in the same situation? How did you find that 2nd week of MMM’13?

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