MMM ’13 – week 1

Hi there!

Now that we are in May and I decided to challenge myself with the Me-Made-May 13, let’s see how I am doing!

May 1st: I totally forgot the challenge began that day, so nothing to show! Shame on me! 😉

May 2nd: Hot day! To counterbalance my omission, I wore two hand-made clothes I made pre-blog, when I started sewing (and a little bird is telling me this is just the beginning. Lots of pre-blog clothes to show this month!). I made the top using the New Look 6749 pattern and the skirt pattern is the Burda 7345 (already seen there, but some details are not visible).


May 3rd: on Friday morning, I usually do my shift at the Humane Society (I am a cat socializer volunteer), which means I have to dress a specific way: long pants, closed shoes and my volunteer t-shirt. Doesn’t allowed much fancy stuff, but still I can wear the most comfy t-shirt in the world, a stripey Renfrew!


May 4th: another hot day, perfect for my new Cambie dress!


May 5rd: hot weather is gone, it’s nice outdoor, perfect for gardening, but a little bit windy, hence the Parcel pullover! (which we may not see again before a while, since summertime is starting).


That morning, as I was very excited to wear my new pair of Converse, Mister Hubby told me: “Do you realize how many Nyan Cats they had to kill to manufacture your shoes?” 🙂

May 6th: change of weather, some rain is even forecast for today! (in fact, about 3 drops of water…). Since I’m staying home today, let’s get comfy! The hand-made cloth is the black vest, made pre-blog from New Look 6659 pattern.


May 7th: look similar to yesterday. As my target is 3 hand-made clothes/week, that’s okay, challenge completed for week 1.

* * * * * * *

I know this is just the beginning of this challenge, but I already noticed some interesting stuff:
– I don’t wear very often some of my first hand-made clothes. One of the reason is that I made lots of summer clothes and summer is just starting! The other reason is, well, I made some really poor fabric or pattern choices that don’t really match with my daily style.
– my sewing skills have increased a lot over the last 2 years! I sewed my first invisible zipper to the the New Look 6749 dot green top and I did it like a regular zipper! This is pretty dirty work, you don’t want to watch that closely! I also learnt a lot about fitting garment to my body shape and obviously, the dot green top has some fitting issues. But hey! Learning is a continuous progress and it’s not easy to find your style and understand your body type!
– I need to do something about my hair! Seriously!

So, what about your MMM ’13 week?

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