The romantic Cambie dress

After the very serious Cambie dress, let me show you my second Cambie dress, the romantic one. Because I can’t be serious all the time! 😉


Since I already made the adjustement for my first version of the Cambie dress, I was quite easy to sew the version B with the full skirt. I got a lovely midnight blue challis fabric from and I used some light blue fabric for the lining. It went fast, it took me about a weekend to get the dress and the lining sewed. Then a week later, it took me another day to get both pieces sewed together and finally about 2 weeks just to sew the hem. Yes, 2 weeks, shame on me! But I couldn’t find time to buy some hem tape. And when I got the hem tape, it took me another week before to sew it.
Yeah, I know, long time for quite easy steps, but I was very busy for the last month!


I am quite satisfied with the result, the fabric works great for that dress and I look like a real woman! That’s what one of my friend from my jobseeker volunteer group told me, but she always sees me dressed with a nice pair of pants and a shirt, so I can’t really blame her. I am not 100% sure about the skirt (too much fabric in my opinion, and it was painful to gather) but I have to say, I like that dress, it’s quite a change with my wardrobe and perfect for the summer!

No new modification since my first version, except I did a straight neckline, as Tasia explained. I interfaced the neckline in front and back to stabilize the fabric that tended to stretch. But after further inspection and a round in the washing machine, my interfacing is not glued anymore, it’s still attached only thanks to the seam :S
There is only one little detail that bothered me: the neckline that tends to “open” rather than staying against my chest :S I thought I would solve the problem with the straight neckline, but I might have to move a bit the straps or maybe reduced the width by 1/2″.

And the good news, as I had way too many fabric (how come?), I have enough for a skirt (which is perfect for MMM ’13 by the way!) So wait and see! 😉

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