Clap your hands and say Yeah!

Why should you say “Yeah”? Because I finally cleaned up my sewing space and it was about time! Yeahh! 🙂

I tend to be a organization freak but with my engineering courses, my volunteer activity with my job seeking professional group, our last trip south California, well, things started looking messy, uncleaned and stashs of various stuff appeared. Skeins of wool everywhere in the room, including in the office between resumes :S, fabrics cut or uncut waiting for their time on the living room table, on my chair or on the iron table, even on the floor :S I’m not proud of myself, that was kind of an epic fail, so this morning, I decided it was time for that situation to end!

I started by finishing to sew my version B of the Cambie dress. That dress has been waiting for weeks, I just had to sew the hem tapes and wash it! By the same occasion, I also fold and put away the remaining fabric of the dress that has been “sitting” on the sofa chair for weeks. And I started cleaning my sewing table. It’s been quite a scavenger hunt! Let me share all my discoveries:

– an important layer of dust on the table, but also on some parts of my machine :S
– 2 issues of Thread, that I never read (Novembre 2012 and March 2013)
– a lost pin (only one, that doesn’t explain where are the other ones)
– several pieces of a self-draft pattern. I put all together in a zipped bag labelled “Soda Fountain dress/London calling shirt” (this is the weird part, because I sewed these dress and shirt before we moved away from Belmont, so it shouldn’t have stayed on the table… :S)
– lots of notes about modifications. Of course, no mention of the pattern concerned, so everything ended up in the bin. It’s really time for time to start taking note properly!
– at least 3 KnitPicks catalogues… don’t ask me why I didn’t put them in a bin earlier…
– some documents from my job search volunteer group!
– old muslins waiting on the floor to be re-used. Now in a bag, sorted all together
– old muslins not re-usable that should had been put in a bin a long time ago
– an old muslin I did last summer for the wedding of my friend. I suddenly remembered that I tried to draft my own pattern since I couldn’t find a nice cocktail dress with covered shoulders (I did found one, remember). This led me back to the zipped bag for the Soda Fountain dress / London calling shirt, just to find out that I had extra pieces from the cocktail dress mixed with the Soda Fountain dress and London Calling shirt. Well done Claire! :S

So now everything is sorted out and put away in the right place. I should have taken pictures of before and after to show you. I still need to sort out my office desktop but that’s another story. Now my concern is: how long will this last? :p

On a different note, I recently had several comments about the Pine All Mine dress from Modcloth. I have currently a to-sew list that can’t really wait but I would like to let you know that I am thinking about it and will try to sew a copy-cat muslin in the next weeks (sorry, no time for a wearable version, may be later during the summer). So if you are interested in that dress, stay tuned, I might have some interesting information to share about it that would help you to sew your own version!

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