Still sewing and improving

After a break in the Death Valley, I am back home and almost ready to show you what I have been up to recently (well, I still need to buy some hem tapes and zipper). So, instead I will show you something I sewed back in February-March and that I already wore a few times.

Amongst my stash of patterns, I like to use the New Look 6808 for a basic top with a professional look. The last time, I recycled a man shirt and it was not that bad. But after wearing and washing it a few times, the fabric started to look crappy, so that project ended up in a bin 😦 But as I really like the style, I decided to cut and sew a new top, specially that I found a great navy Jacquard weave cotton on Fabricmart.


I focused on details and finitions and I am quite proud to say it look really great on the inside. As usual, I used French seams for the shoulders and side seams, I like this technique so much (by the way, I am the only one who got upset when I heard that Richard from Project Runway doesn’t know how to sew French seams?). For the bottom hem, I used bias tape: I am very ashamed to confess I discover very lately this technique, but the finish looks so beautiful. And for the sleeves, I didn’t try to French seam them but I just sew two lines of stitches close together and trim the extra fabric really close.


The main difference with my previous version is the sleeves. I remember complaining a lot (maybe not on the blog) about the sleeve construction while sewing my first 2 versions of this top, because the pieces didn’t match, the sleeves were too big and there was no mention of pleats. It finally occurs to me that maybe I was supposed to gather the fabric, specially when I noticed some dots on the sleeve pattern (I tend to be a bit lazy when copying pattern on Swedish paper). Ahum. Not proud of myself on that one, but apparently I am not the only who had problems with that. And it was the right thing to do! The sleeves look really great and there are much more comfortable!


On a different note, I am also very proud to announce that I will participate to the Me-Made-May ’13 challenge and will try wear at least one self-stitched garment at least 3 days a week during May. As it is my first participation, I would like to take it easy and see if I can stick with that.

Did anyone else sign in?

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