Oops, I did it again!

I have to confess, I made another Renfrew… a stripey Renfrew! Yes, I know, I said I won’t do that again but there am I!

So, since this is my fourth version, I won’t talk about the pattern, this is a 100% approved pattern and a very comfy t-shirt. Instead, just have a look to my last version!


The stripes are much more easier to sew than my last Renfrew. And that’s a great thing since I wasn’t careful when I cut the fabric. I guess I was too excited to think about correctly matching the pattern with the stripes. But since the stripe pattern is very basic and small, my mistake is not noticeable. Phew!

I found the fabric on Fabricmart.com. It was my first time ordering on that website and I’m pretty satisfied with the fabrics I ordered. You will see more in the next weeks. The fabric is a stretch rayon jersey of good quality, very soft and so colorful. I immediately fell in love with that fabric but couldn’t explain why… until the day I wore the t-shirt and I removed rain drops on my glasses with the bottom of the t-shirt. It became so obvious!


Look at that! I didn’t realize it was the color mix was similar to my glasses! When I realized that, I laught so hard, it suddenly made sense!

Did you ever had any similar situation where you realized you had the same set of color that an object/accessory/tool you used on a daily basis? I’m sure I am not the only one!

Oh, by the way, now you can follow me with Bloglovin! Sorry, it took me ages to understand the blog following thing, especially that the WordPress Reader is not very efficient.  Should be much better now!


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