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When Mister Hubby and myself left France to move to the US, we were allowed (by his employer) to move only 3 cubic meters (barely 3 cubic feet). This meant no furniture, which was not a problem since we had not-so-great furniture we bought after graduation when we started our first job and had no money.
We bought most of our US furniture at IKEA, except for the sofa and sofa chair which were second hand, as we had then no idea how long we stay there. We still have the sofa, it’s very comfy and the fabric is brick-red velvet-like. I know some people doesn’t like its colour and I can understand why. The cushions are the same colour, and while I’m okay with the red sofa, I find the red cushions very ugly. So I decided to make a few cushions.


(Yes this is my bed! No you will not see the red sofa!)

In the mean time, one of Mister Hubby favorite t-shirts entered his retiring phase. That t-shirt is a memory of his year in Australia (as a foreign student) and is the official t-shirt of a music festival he went then, “the Cuckatoo island”. We both like very much that t-shirt and it was breaking my heart to see so many holes in it. So I decided to recycle it in a cushion. Now let’s look at the back of that cushion!


How cool is that? 🙂

Also, every time, I saw a knitted cushion on blogs, I drooled because it is so beautiful. But since I am a knitter, I could do mine too, but only one knitted face. And it was also a great chance to try a new yarn before to use it for a large project (I used Wool of the yarn, from Knitpicks. Nice yarn). For the other face, I found a super cute fabric to contrast. Look at that!



I love that fabric! I found it at my local quilting shop, they have an awesome selection of fabric, it was hard to decide which one to pick. I have to confess, for the first time in my life, I fell in love with a fabric, I HAD to bring it home! And this is how I ended up sewing an extra cushion with sushi and rolls!


More details. There is a bunch of play of works about sushi and japanese food (“you’re really really rice”, “let’s roll”, “Hap’pea”, “you are fish’tastic!” and more). That cushion is so cool, I love it, I don’t even lend it to Mister Hubby 😉


I used a very basic pattern for sewing the cushions. One piece of fabric that you overlap at the opening. No zipper or button holes, except for the Cuckatoo Island cushion. The jersey kept stretching and even with the overlap, the cushion under was still visible. Buttonholes were the only solution.

I enjoyed making these cushions, this was easy (except for the knitting part where I under-estimate my swatch), not time consuming and a nice change. And it looks way better that these ugly red cushions! 🙂
And you, do you have any home improvement project to share?

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  1. J’aime beaucoup l’idée du coussin tricoté. Bob m’a demandé un cardigan avec le même type de dessin islandais que mon dernier pull . Avec toutes ces couleurs, je suis sûre qu’il me restera assez de cette grosse laine (Lett lopi) pour faire quelques coussins pour le canapé.

    • C’est effectivement un super projet pour dé-stasher. Pour un coussin en 14″x14″, j’ai utilisé un peu moins de 200 yards de laine, needles size US 7. Y’a moyen de faire de jolis coussins à rayures/jacquard/intarsia pour finir les fins de pelotes!


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