The very serious Cambie dress

Several weeks ago, I said that the Cambie dress was in top of my to-sew list, then later, I confessed I couldn’t find the right fabric for that project (the day I came back with stripey jersey). Well, here is my version of the Cambie dress! I finally made it and I love it! It just took me ages to sew the final hem.


IMGP7508 This version of the Cambie dress is very serious. I couldn’t find any fabric that would work for it, so I decided to make an office version with linen (my first sewing experience with linen. Not sure there will be another one!) with a twist of fantasy. Let’s look at the lining! Yes, this is zebra fabric! 🙂

IMGP7530 bis

Now let’s talk about techniques!
As I am not a pear shaped person, I sewed a muslin and it was a wonderful idea. I started with a size 10 on shoulder, size 8 around the waist and size 6 around the hips (based on the chart and my measurements, it should be a size 4 but I am not sure about the butt effect), and I ended up with shoulder size 10, shoulder straps size 2 (my biggest surprise. Still wondering if I wear that dress the way it should be), bust size 10 slightly reduced (10 in front, 8 in back!), waist size 8 and hip size 6. Except for that, no modification, not even for the length of the skirt. I just decided to interface the neckline in the front and to topstitch the neckline just to make sure the lining goes correctly. The result is neat.

Needless to say, this muslin saved me lots of time and energy. I just forgot two thing while fitting the muslin: my zebra lining is not a thin fabric and linen tends to shrink and stretch (yes, both, not at the same time. I had a very bad time with the linen. When sewing the lining, I noticed the linen and the lining were not correctly aligned, so weird), so I was a little surprised with the very close fit when I wore the dress for the time but I was able to adjust that while sewing the zipper.

I had a chance to wear that dress in my jobseeker professional “club” and I had lots of positive comments. Some even told me I should dress up more often! The dress is so easy to wear, but my fabric choice doesn’t allow me to wear it on a daily basis. But I have a good new: I found a lovely challis fabric so you shoud see a new Cambie dress (version B) very soon here!

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  1. great dress!!


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