OMG, I’ve been tagged!

Ladies and Gentlemens (yes, apparently there are some!), for the first time, my blog and I have been tagged! Gnniiiiiii! 😀
Thank you to Dresses and me for this award, I am very flattered! Please have a look to her blog, she recently made lovely tops, I want the same!! (I have to confess, I thought she was from UK but based on her last pictures, I am definitely wrong!)

As with any blog award, there comes a set of rules
Display award image on your blog page.
Link back to the person who nominated you.
State 7 facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to their posts.

So, facts about me:
1/ I used to live in Belmont, CA, hence the name of this blog. But we moved last summer (we are still in the Bay Area) and I don’t feel like changing the name!

2/ Speaking of moving, I have impressive stats to share. Since September 1999, I moved 16 times, in 13 towns, in 3 differents countries. My longest stay in an appartment/house (except for my parent’s  house) is 22 months in Belmont, CA.

3/ I am currently taking accent improvement classes to improve my American prononciation. I recently learnt that in the word “half”, the ‘l’ is silence and that the word “sew” is not prononced like “few” but the way I prononce “saw” (which is not right). Since I corrected these mistakes in my English, it became suddenly much more easier to have conversation about my hobbies!

4/ I used to be a roller hockey player, I stopped several years ago when I moved back to Normandy. Now I am thinking about roller derby.

5/ When I moved to the US, it took me a week to understand that the oven was programmed in Fahrenheit, not in Celsius degrees!

6/ I like photography and while I have no problem to show my face on the pictures of this blog, I really struggle to have a natural smile

7/ Since I can’t have a cat at home, I am a cat volunteer wih the Humane Society. This is how I get my kitty fix!

And now, the nominees are: Kim from Punkmik, Julianne from Made by Julianne (she has a very keen eye for colors, her wedding dress and boots are awesome!), The daily mimolette because she makes me laugh so hard, Mathilde from Félicie à Paris, the talented Four square walls, and… that’s it! (sorry, I don’t know 15 blogs to tag)

Good luck to the nominees! 😉

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