My project CPR

A few weeks before the end of the year, Liz from Zilredloh posted an amazing article: Project CPR “Sometimes an hour is all it takes”. So I started looking for potential CPR projects lost in my stash but nothing came. Well, I still have a few fails that need some work to become wearable, like my purple Sakura cocktail dress or a lacy top, but I will need to work more than a hour to complete them, so they will probably stay forever in my stash.

Then last week, I decided to sort my sewing box. When we moved last summer, I put lots of sewing stuff in a big moving box: fabric, muslims, old completed projects unwearable,  and it was quite a mess. And then I found my jean handbag, the same one I posted in epic fail#1 last spring. To my own surprise, the project was almost complete. To tell you the truth, I only had to cut the threads and sewed the contrasting belt to end the project (it barely took me an hour to do that) I was really close to complete it and I just don’t know why I let it rot in my box. Also, I can’t remember why I considered it as a fail. I had to read my post to find out what was wrong (the perks of taking/writing notes!). Okay, too many layer of thick fabric and interfacting. Still, I don’t know why I didn’t finish the project so close to the end.

So here is my polka dot jean handbag after CPR! Tada!



IMGP7342bis You can put lots of stuff in it, even a book!

IMGP7347bisView on the inside: a zipped pocket and three little pockets where your phone (a smartphone or a dumbphone, I did both size!) can fit in!


It’s a personal design. Lots of details to remind your favorite pair of jeans: real pockets with rivets on each side. Double seams with contrasting fabric and thread. Carriers to pass a contrasting belt. Thick real jean fabric. Inside the bag, a main space with a large zipped pocket. Several spaces to place your phone or small items. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with Peltex.

I think contrasting summarizes well this bag. The polka dot fabric is so bright and I love the belt and the carriers. Unfortunately (well, kind of), for my birthday last September, Mr Hubby offered me a lovely leather handbad (a Fossil if you want to know everything. I love their products!) One I can carry when I go for an interview. And I am not the kind of person who use a different handbag to match with her clothes/the weather/the fashion, so I will never use it. So my polka dot jean handbag is for sale, or swap if you want to. More details on my swap/trade page (there are also some patterns and books, so don’t forget to ckeck it out from time to time).

Did anyone else recently practice CPR? Hey, I’m so proud to have saved my project! 🙂

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  1. Yay for Project CPR! I love your new purse, so many pockets and details to make it functional AND cute!
    So happy you were able to find and complete this…. even though it may be sent away in a swap.


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