The list of all the dresses I’d like to sew with you…

(directly inspired by “La liste” from Rose).

Yes, I am talking to Elna, my sewing machine, because I have so many projects with her but can’t decide where to start…

Because of all the work involved in my engineering class last year, I restrained myself from sewing (I tend to be a compulsive sewist. When I start, I have to finish, no matter if I have to spend 2 complete days doing only that) and it caused me lots of frustration. I did a bit of sewing, but not the big projects I was dreaming of. As a result, I’m craving for a fun sewing project to wear and I have a verrrry long to-sew list. Mostly dresses. Anyway, I want a new dress!

So let’s have a look at all the dresses I would like to sew…

About the artist dress (L) -Belladone by Deer and Doe (R)

  • The About the Artist inspiration dress. This one is a real challenge because I have to create/adapt patterns to sew it. So lots of work, but as there are some similarities with the Soda Fountain, there will be lot of fun too. And it would make a great dress for the winter/spring season.
  • The Belladone dress from Deer and Doe. I initially plan to sew that one for end of year parties, more specifically the Mr Hubby company Christmas party. But it was just a week after my finals and I didn’t have enough time to sew a muslin, find the fabric and wash it, and sew the final project. And as we didn’t have any New Year Eve plan, well, I decided to delay for a while.
    This project is quite exciting for me, but I don’t think I will be able to wear that dress before a while (plus this year, we have a real Californian winter, not sunny and hot like the lat two ones…) . So may be not my top-of-the-list project…


Cambie dress and Thurlow trousers from Sewaholic

  • The Cambie dress from Sewaholic. For Christmas, I ordered the Cambie dress along with the Thurlow trousers (another interesting project). The dress is cute, Sewaholic instructions are quite clear, I just have to adapt the size as I am not pear-shaped. It should be a nice and not complicated project, wearable most of the year (I want it in polka dots!!) . Well placed in my to-sew list.
  • Of course it’s not a dress, but the Thurlow trousers are an interesting project. I never sewed pants, just one pair of shorts. I usually struggle to find a pair of pants that match my tights and waist (it’s a little easier since I moved to the US) and I heard so many positive comments about this pattern, so I have to try. It will be a little challenging (not only to sew, but also to find the right fabric) but probably worth it. Well placed in my to-sew list.

The Celebrate Summer dress from Your Style Rocks

  • The Celebrate Summer dress. I found that dress a bit randomly over the web and found a picture of someone wearing it. It looks gorgeous. I am not a fan of all the hand-sew stuff, so I will probably make some alteration. My biggest concern is the cleavage, because I have more breast than the model. A muslin is mandatory and I know I will have lots of work to do, and it won’t be probably as fun as the About the Artist inspiration dress (which is quite similar to the Soda Fountain dress, so definitely not terra incognita). But in the other hand, it would make a perfect dress to attend the wedding of one of our friend this summer. So I have to think about it…


The Prettiest party frock and the Big Blue dress, from Stitch Fall 2012 issue

  • The Stitch Fall 2012 issue dress: the Prettiest party frock from Gertie and the Big blue from Amber Eden. While I really love Gertie’s dress, I am not so sure about the Big blue dress. I will have to modify the neckline, and still I don’t know…

Peony from Colette pattern

  • And finally, the Peony dress from Colette. I don’t own the pattern and I don’t know what I am waiting for to buy it, because it seems to be a perfect lovely basic dress for most of the year and wearable in a workplace. Did anyone ever sew that dress? Any fitting issue? What do you thing about it? I would love to hear more about that dress…

Obviously, that’s a lot of dresses to sew and to wear. I will never wear them all, but on the other hand, there are garments I wear only on special occasion, like weddings and office parties. I already knew that when I started sewing the Vogue 1208 dress and I’m okay with it. But I have to make choices, for clothes I will have in my wardrobe and for my future projects. I’ll think I’ll go for the About the artist dress or the Cambie dress, but I’m sure I’ll change my mind before I begin working on the pattern! 😉

Which one would you pick? Why? How do you deal with your to-sew list ?

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  1. I also want to sew the cambie dress this year, it looks like such a nice dress.
    And I already made the Peony dress of Colette. I had a few fitting issues and I recommend for you to make a muslin! Also browse the internet on ‘fitting peony’ because a lot of people had fitting issues with this pattern and it can help you with the solutions for your potential fitting issues. Don’t let the fitting issues stop you from making this dress because it is a really nice dress once it fits.

    • Thanks Carlijn for the comment about the Peony. When I start a sewing project, especially when it requires lots a yardage, I always sew a muslin, I had way too many fitting issues in the past. So I’ll be careful with the Peony.
      I was supposed to start working on the Cambie muslin this week, but end up sewing a Renfrew!! 🙂


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