The (French) beret

In everybody’s mind, a good caricature of French people is a guy with a beret and his baguette, right ? (oh baguette, my kingdom for a baguette! I missed a good old baguette). And the stinky cheese and the wine are not far away! 😉 While it is quite true for the food, the beret is so wrong, not so us nowadays, but I guess everybody noticed that.

When I first wore the beret I knitted during the holidays, the first thing I thought was: “Dang, I look so French!”. Suddenly, I felt like I really look like a French caricature (which is kind of funny because people easily assume I am Dutch or Belgian (but that’s usually before I start talking. My accent seems to be too obvious for a misunderstanding)). I just needed a moustache and a stinky cheese and to head toward the nearest café 🙂

Enough about all the clichés! Let’s talk knitting!
The pattern comes from KnitScene winter 2012 issue. Yes, that one again! I already talked about it and every week, I change my mind about which pattern to pick! So one day, I decided to go for the Flyaway Beret from Amanda Bell. It seemed to be fun (I can’t remember why I decided to knit that one, but fun seems to be the best reason).

I didn’t read carefully the instruction before to start but I quickly realised it looked like lacework. Not very complicated (no SKP! Remember the SKP drama!), but still, lots of YO, K2tog and SSK. Before I knew it, I was doing lacework with US#1 dpn needles. And you know what? I didn’t find it that hard! I would have more annoyed doing cablework (cablework with dpn killed me in the past) In fact, it started getting really bad when I had to do stockinette rows (~200 stitches) with dpn. Switching to circular needles was a relief. But still, I made a few mistakes, the lace work is not perfect but it looks great. I am quite proud of myself.

Enough blabla, let me show you this beret!


Want some cheese ? 😉


Pattern: Flyway Beret from Amanda Bell
Yarn: Cascade Heritage sock yarn

IMGP7334And finally, the lace work!

Not bad, uh?
I made a few modification: only 3 eyelets rows instead of 4 because I didn’t want it to be too slouchy (and I was too excited to finally finish it). The rib pattern is only 3/4″ high instead of 1″ (too eager to end my project and try it! ;)) and I switched the k1 stitch by a k1tbl (through the back loop) because it looks better. I am really glad with the result.

You might have notice from the pictures that I am wearing a Renfrew top. I’ll talk about that next week and a few other things. But before that I have to cook a galette des Rois 😀 (the French link shows nice pictures, and don’t worry, an English translation is available)

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. punkmik

     /  January 6, 2013

    wow! this is so pretty! you did a great job! it is really even and beauiful! c’est fantastique! (is that french? i itried. 😛 )

    • Thank you Punkmik! Your French is good!
      You’re too kind with me, because it is not so even.
      1/ I made a few little mistakes in the lace pattern,
      2/ the blocking didn’t go well, because this is a superwash yarn, and once washed, it stretched like crazy, like for Shrek’s head. So I had to make it shrink (20 min in the dryer) but wasn’t sure about the final size!

  2. Julianne Dodds

     /  February 14, 2013

    It looks very well made, and I love the pattern! I may even try it myself using Magic Loop (which I looooooooove, partially because I tend to drop DPN!). The pink yarn is so vibrant, and it makes the star sparkle!

    • Thank you Julianne. I had to switch to the magic loop at some point because I kept losing stitches off my dpn. As I was travelling, I couldn’t dind a shop to buy a circular needle, I would have be home, I would have switch way earlier!
      Also, I visited your website and I have to say, I love your very colorful projects. Your wedding boots are super awesome!


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