The Mohr Circles shawl

Sounds like a Big Bang Theory episode, uh ? Well, I think today you can call me nerd, because this is the engineer in me that is writing this post! 😉

Last week, I completed my final exam in my engineering class in Intermediate Soil Mechanics. It’s been a tought class for me but very interesting. I learnt a lot of stuff, I don’t know if this is useful but as least I know I like what I learnt. Back in October, we started studing a mechanical concept: The Mohr Circle. I won’t give you details about how and what, but it’s really a tricky notion and we worked for weeks on it and its representation.

Now, do you remember the Sideway Shawl from Knitscene Winter 2012 ? It was really hard to get a clear picture of the whole pattern but when I saw it, the first thing I thought was: “wow, Mohr circles for a triaxal test!”.
Because you don’t want to know what a triaxial test, let me show you a picture of it:


Okay, now you understand everything (and you’re allowed to call me nerd, I deserve it! ;)).
This is how I start kniting the shawl. I might already have said it but I am not fond of shawl. There are usually not large enough, there are not easy to wear with regular clothes (I can’t help it but the best use for me would be if you were a Fado singer) and most of it have lace pattern (remember my last disaster experience with a lace shawl). So as this pattern offers several nice features and satisfies my nerd craziness, well, I couldn’t resist longer.


Pattern: Sideway Shawls by Kyoko Nakayoshi
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed DK yarn

It was really hard to take a good picture of it to show you the pattern. I used Rowan Felted Tweed DK yarn, in avocado and bilberry color. I love the color contrast, it’s perfect and so bright. Mr Hubby helped me to pick the color and for once, he was not too bad! The yarn is great, a little itchy, but warm. Only default to report: it’s worse than a cat, I had wool hair everywhere on me after each knitting session!
The final dimension is about 56″ x 23″, about 10″ larger than expected. Beware of the instructions, there are some errata (correction offered on Ravelry) and the yarn estimation is not right. You’d better have 400 yd of DK yarn than 300 yd! Except for the errata, the pattern is easy, it’s all about decreases and short rows. I was not good at short rows before that project, now I mastered it!

More (not great) pictures!


As I’m done with my exam and engineering class, I should be working on my sewing machine as I kept saying it during the last weeks. I have to confess: I am now a knitting machine, I am not myself without needles :S Elna is back in business, but I am not sure you are interested to see my camera lens pouchs. It’s more likely I won’t post anything before the end of the year, so  let me wish you a great holiday season, with crazy craft projects.

See you next year! 😉

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  1. This mathematical knitting is “woww” as well as a good idea for fresh Californian evenings;
    And speaking about mathematical hand works, go have a look about crocheted coral reef!
    Some links :
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    Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes
    The reef
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    Some of my small corals

    And as the book is really expensive, I have some leaflet giving tutorial for your first trials if your are interested.



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