Finally, I am talking about sewing! Yeah! 🙂

Do you remember my dot blouse with the vintage collar from New Look 6808 pattern? I really like that pattern but I made a weird choice regarding the fabric, and let’s say it’s not that easy to wear. So I decided to do it again. I was very inspired by Paunnet’s refashioned Airelle blouse, she did a great job by recycling a man shirt and use the button placket on the back.

So I bought a black man shirt at Goodwill and start ripping the seams. I then noticed my first mistake: size M is too small, I should have look for something very very large. I would have then avoid to rip every seam to gain some extra inches! Also, the pattern calls for lined sleeves and lining yoke but obviously I didn’t have enough fabric for that. So I use some home-made bias with Liberty fabric, which add some contrast. And to completely close the neck, I sewed a strass in the middle of the back. Another lovely fantasy!

For great details, I decided to sew everything (sleeves included) with French seams, the inside looks neat! Did I ever tell you how much I love French seams? 😉 (by the way, in French, we call them “English seams” ! Funny isn’t it? It’s exactly like the French fries… everything seems so much better when it’s French. Tsk tsk :s)


(sorry, the light is crappy, let’s say shooting a black cloth is not the best idea)


And for more details about the fabric and the button placket on the back:


The fit is, as expected, great, even though this is a very basic classic top. Nothing fancy. It’s so basic that for a moment I hesitated to add a peter pan collar, but I was not very inspired for the constrasting fabric to use.
It was nice change working with a shirt fabric, I am not used to light fabric.  My only disappointment? After washing the blouse, the black fabric has run onto the rest of the clothes (lucky for me, I used some color catcher during the wash, it could have been worst!). As a result, the bias looks darkened.

Still, I think I will sew another one in the future. This pattern is quite versatile, very easy, and very basic, it would be a shame not to sew more!

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