I was supposed to write a post about a blouse I made, to show you that this blog is not a knit-only blog. But because of the weather, I am not able to shoot any pics of it (or I will have goose bumps all over the arms), so today this post is about… a knit. I know, another one, it’s kind of lame, but I’ll try to post soon about my blouse. And anyway, I have my final exam next Tuesday, so Elna will resurrect just after that for lots of sewing projects (me, frustrated? Naaaah !)

I told you in my last post, I’ve been knitting a warm cardigan. I used Cascade Eco+ yarn with US 10.5 needles and it went very very fast, only 17 days (usually a cardigan/jumper takes me about 4 to 5 weeks). Which is great because it was all about stockinette stitch, not very exciting.

So, the pattern is Driven by Veera Välimäki. A very basic cardigan, knitted in one piece, top to bottom. Very easy, except for the yoke part. And it seems like lots of knitters struggled with that part. It is so basic that I don’t have much to say. The fit is great, and like someone in my knitting group said: “it’s reversible! If you have a stain, just turn it!” 🙂

Enough said, let’s have a look!


Pattern: Driven by Veera Välimäki
Yarn: Cascade Eco+ yarn (color: lavender)




I told you: reversible!!

Nice, isn’t it?
I look forward next week, I would like to sew the Belladone dress and try some fun stuff with my sewing machine. But for now, as I still restrain myself (if not, I would be sewing the whole week), I start another knit, in order to occupy my hands during evening. I start to think I am a knitting machine! When I started last year around Christmas time, I never expected to turn so addicted!
But next time, I promise, it won’t be a knit!

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