Inspiration #3

Yesterday, I bought the last KnitScene, the special winter 2012 issue.

Most of the time, I am quite disappointed by knitting magazine, but I have to say that issue is full of great projects.

The Willamette coat (from L.Thibault) for instance. I am currently looking for long sleeves pullover and cardigans to knit. This would make a lovely cardigan but I will not knit the whole length!

From the same designer, the Toulouse pullover. This is so cute.

The Sideways ripples shawl (from K.Nakayoshi). For more pictures, go on Ravelry.

While I am not a fan of shawl (most of the time, they are too small. I don’t find them really useful), I am totally in love with this one. It’s a large one with no lace and a modern design.

The Erte cardigan (from C.Castillo) looks really nice, but the most interesting part is its construction. The pattern starts in the center of the back pattern. It seems so cool. For more detais, go have a look on Ravelry.

And what about the Farmstead cardigan (from A.Gunderson) ? The fit seems a little weird but I am sure this can be corrected.

For those who bought this special issue, what do you think about all these patterns? The selection is great, its really hard to make a choice!

I am currently working on Driven, from Veera Välimäki. I started this week and for the moment, it’s driving me crazy. I had to unravel at least three times and I am only at the yoke step! :S This is not because it’s too hard or to complicated, it’s just the intructions don’t make sense for me, I don’t like the look of my knit, so I made my own modification. Let’s hope the next steps are better.

Enjoy your weekend and have a nice Thanksgiving!

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