Feeling warm

This has become my number one priority. I’ve never been someone sensitive to cold (except on my trip to Norway but that’s another story). I grew up in a not sunny area, rainy, a little bit like Oregon in terms of weather I guess. But since we moved in this new house, I feel bl**dy cold, whatever the weather outside (remember, I live in the San Francisco South Bay Area, definitely not the coldest place in the world). So let me tell you, I have a long list of warm stuff to knit!

My last knit is a pullover Parcel from Carol Feller. A lovely and basic design with cables. As I enjoyed a lot the alpaga yarn (soft and warm) I used for the Geodesic cardigan, I chose a soft yarn which is a mix of merino, alpaga and silk: Valley Yarn Northfield.

Pattern: Parcel from Carol Feller
Yarn: Northfield from Valley Yarn (color: purple haze)

I have to say, I really like the result. The fit is perfect, the pullover is warm, the pattern is easy, what else could I ask for?

After being blocked, the knit became a liiiittle larger and longer (about 1″), but the width is perfect and for the length, as I have a long torso and monkey arms, I enjoy having sleeves that cover over my wrists! My only concern is the color of the yarn. Let’s talk about that!

I ordered the yarn on WEBS which is (I think) the only online store selling Valley Yarn products. The color I picked is purple Haze and it looked like to me as a shade of purple lilac. So when I received the yarn, I was very disapppointed because I didn’t look for some blue-grey color. I even thought for a moment they sent me the wrong color or there was a mistake with the label. But I decided to keep the yarn, after all, the color is not that bad (and I wasn’t really sure about the purple lilac shade!).
Last weekend, I was looking for some wool for my next project and I checked on WEBS for their Cascade Superwash Sport yarn and prices. As I couldn’t find the color I was looking for, I ended up on the Cascade website and was very surprised by the difference of color for the same product. It seems like that WEBS doesn’t have good pictures, the color you see are not the one you will get, so beware if you order with them, you’d better check on another website (like the producer or even the stash section from Ravelry) for the color.

Did anyone else have this problem in the past?

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  1. Odile

     /  November 13, 2012

    Il rend super bien après le blocage. Bravo


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