Coming soon (or later…) on this blog!

I don’t have anything to show you for now, I am way too busy with my engineering class in soil mechanics, but I am so frustrated to do not have time to sew that I’m starting to make plans for December. My last exam is December 6. After that, I am FREEEEEEEE! I predict a crazy sewing month!

In a few weeks, I will show you my last knit: the Parcel pullover. I am still working on the body but it goes fast. It’s an easy knit, perfect for brainless evening.

After that, I have plans for sewing. I am still drooling about the “About the artist” dress. I know which patterns to use, which fabric to sew, I even have some fabric for the muslin. I just need time. Very frustrating.

If you never heard of Deer and Doe, well, you will learn about it! Deer and Doe is a new pattern designer brand, by Eleonore. For the moment, the patterns are written in French, the translation is in progress but Paunnet is launching a sew-along in english for the dress “Sureau”. I ordered the Belladone pattern, look at that! A little jewel!

I am thinking about sewing a new blouse, using New Look 6808 pattern (remember the dotted blouse? Nice pattern, but fabric not really wearable !) Anyway, as I consider using this pattern for the  “About the artist dress”, I will probably see one at once to fight the frustration!

I still haven’t sew a wearable Renfrew from Sewaholic, which is a shame! I sewed a muslim in a bright red fabric with a V-neck a long time ago and I am dreaming about the scoop neckline.

And finally, my last project: a jacket from Burda magazine, December 2011 issue. I love the jacket but I have to say this is the project I am the least excited about. Because this is Burda, even worse, this is from Burda magazine. Pictures are so badly taken that you never know what is the real look. Patterns are messy to read and you have to add the seam allowance. Instructions are very poor. You MUST sew a muslim if you want to sew something decent.

And you, what are your plans for the next months ? I feel like this is too much me… but so much fun! 🙂

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  1. mathildefelicie

     /  October 22, 2012

    Hello Claire! Je viens suite à ton commentaire chez moi, MERCI! 🙂
    La dernière veste que tu montres en photo (la burda) me fait de l’oeil depuis un moment… Quand j’oserais enfin m’y mettre, je te ferais signe, si ça te tente toujours, on pourra s’entraider!

    • oh oui, je serai curieuse de voir ta version, ca ne peut que être joli! Idéalement, il faudrait que je fasse la veste avant les jours froids, donc ca me laisse encore un peu de temps (merci la Californie), peut-être après mon dernier exam de méca des sols, en décembre. Je te fais quand je me décide!


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