Sweet baby alpaca

Several months ago, after finishing one of my knitting project (the Rosamund cardigan I think), I wrote that my next project would be the Geodesic cardigan. And I changed my mind and knitted something else.

Beginning of July, I was quite busy with a volunteer-run organisation for jobseeker professionals (and not professional jobseekers!) didn’t really have time for a sewing project but needed to do something creative with my hands. Knitting sounded to be a great idea, specially that I needed a cardigan that looks professional. Then I remembered I had the Geodesic pattern waiting. A quick run to my favorite knitting shop and I was back with 3 skeins of Malabrigo lace yarn, ready for a new project.

It starts nicely, nothing complicated. In fact, I found the infinite rows of stockinette annoying. Hehe, very basic pattern, no cables! But still, the whole body was quite easy to knit. But it took me weeks to finish that first step, because of the house hunting. Never look for a new place to move during summertime. Never ever. This is time and energy consuming.
Then I started the first sleeve with the invisible provisional cast-on. While I really enjoyed the 3 needle binding technique, I have to say I hated the invisible provisional cast-on. I found it quite complicated, I had to look at several online tutorial to really understand how to do.

On the other hand, this was my first experience with alpaca yarn, and this was a delight. The fiber is soft and doesn’t itch at all (yeahhh). Mister Hubby began to make fun of me, nicknamed my project “baby alpaca” and teased me a lot about those poor little babies alpaca who got shaved just for my pleasure and who probably caught a cold. I was not knitting anymore a cardigan, I was working on baby alpaca. But baby alpaca has a weakness, this fiber is so soft that it tends to spread. I don’t know how to explain, but if you want to have regular stitches with dpn, you have to knit very very tight. So when I finished to knit my first sleeve with dpn, well, I unknitted it and restarted going back and forth with circular needles instead, because you could clearly see where the split between the needles, my stitches were irregular and there were lots of gap. I forgot to take a picture but trust me, that was everything but great!

Here is the result after blocking. I like it, the yarn is soft AND warm. The color is fabulous, I am so in love with it.

Pattern: Geodesic cardigan by Connie Chang
Yarn: Malabrigo yarn lace (color: polar morn)

I think I really begin to enjoy knitting. I found it very convenient to do, compare to sewing where you need a table, a sewing machine, lots of light, pins everywhere etc. You can go a few rows every night while watching TV, in the flight, wherever you want in fact! And you, when do you like to knit?

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