London calling!

What a bad play of word! I was so proud of it I wanted to use it during the Olympic Games! But I was still not finished and overwhelmed…

So why London calling? Because for that project, I finally used some of my Liberty of London I bought during my last visit in France (18€/meter, instead of 22, a good deal! Specially when you compare with the price in the US). I love Liberty fabric so much that it took me age to decide what to do with it. And because this is not a cheap fabric, I really wanted to used it wisely.

So after the Soda Fountain dress and the Simplicity 2588 dress, I was getting better and better at princess seams. I finally found the right cut, it fits perfectly and I want that style for all my new pieces (call me Princess Seam!). So I decided to go for a shirt with princess seams (of course) to use my lovely Liberty stash. This is a personal design based on several patterns. I started from the Soda Fountain dress (so the New Look pattern 6587 in fact), I just made it longer. For the sleeves, I use the New Look pattern 6750 and I modified the back of the dress by using the Kwik Sew pattern 3620. I can’t remember why I didn’t use the New Look one. This is what happens when it takes age to finish a project!.

So of course, I sewed a muslin first, to be sure the shirt closes (FYI, the muslin does not!) and it fits. Once the muslin was good, it was quite easy, except for the collar, but that’s my mistake! I used two different patterns for the front and back, and I forgot to modify the collar line :S. In fact, the shirt was almost finished by the end of June. Almost. All I needed to do was to hand sew the back of the collar. So for a long time (the whole summer in fact), the collar was sewed only on the left side. I was too lazy to sew the right side, until last week when I decided it was time to wear it!

I am very satisfied with the result, the fabric is gorgeous and it was a great project during which I had a feeling to be better and to have learn some really good stuff.

By the way, have you seen my garden? Well, this is not really the garden, but the fence is the only spot where I have a good light. And you can even see my friend the Brugmensia. That plant keeps dying and re-grow, it’s been a bad year for it with no flowers. Next time, I’ll move the plant away from the pictures, unless you want to see it growing… and dying… and growing…

And coming (very soon), a cocktail dress! Stay tuned!

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