The Simplicity 2588 dress

Yes yes yes ! You have correctly read: I am back with a sewing project! About time!

It’s really a shame to show that dress only now, because I finished it for mid-June. Yes, mid-June ! More than 2 months ago! And I have good excuse not to show it before now! First I wanted some pictures of the dress but not in my apartment (those white walls were boring). And then, I made a huge mistake, while having some great time with friends outdoors, I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs and I ended up with large sunburns on my legs, very red. It was kind of scary because it was still very red after a week but after 20 miles of hiking, things got back to normal. I was relieved. But after that, you could still see the mark on my legs, so this summer I didn’t wear a lot of things that show my legs. But now is the right time! 🙂

So let’s talk about the dress. I first noticed the pattern with one of the “Make that dress” post. I had some great pink fabric that I initially wanted to use for a Longsdale dress, I just couldn’t figure out which version I wanted to sew. Finally, after looking for dresses, I decided to go for the sleeves version, short collar and the pleated skirt (by the way, look at Valerie’s version: isn’t she gorgeous ?). And a contrasted piping. And lining.

The muslin went pretty well (except I didn’t try to sew the sleeves, I just wanted to check the bust fit) but things got complicated pretty fast. First, lining AND adding some piping bias is not a good idea. Or may be I didn’t put my lining correctly. The bias was kind of a mess. Second, I don’t know what I did wrong, but when I tried to sew the sleeves, it didn’t fit. Maybe I tried to sew the sleeves in the wrong way, maybe I was too tired to figure out what was wrong, but it was just impossible. So no sleeves. And finally I realised I had to line the skirt, because well, I had to. I did the lining and after, when I checked on my Sewing Bible (the logical order !) I realized I didn’t do it the right way 😦

But anyway, here is the dress.

It looks cute. And it has pockets ! And the picture was taken in my new (small) garden! But I am not sure to like it, it’s a little over-dressed for me. And I don’t really like the fabric once sewed and worn. I just feel like I’m dressed for a casual wedding (I’ll talk about wedding very soon). May be this is just me.
Still, it was an interesting experience (never add pleat on a lining because the skirt has pleats!!!) and still, a nice pattern. Probably better with a less bright fabric.

I’ll be back very soon. I have at least a dress and a shirt to show you, and a knit in progress. And some stupid stories to tell you. But for now, here are my new best friends. They are sucking most of my time, but I like it.

Stay tuned!

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