See you soon!


here I am! But not for long.
I’m moving. Tomorrow. Almost all our stuff is packed and by tomorrow night, we should be in our new place unpacking. This is one of the reason of my silence recently, and also one of many things that turned me crazy this summer. NEVER look for a new place to move during summertime. Never ever!
I’ve very busy since June, I’ve been sewing and knitting, dresses, cardigan, shirt. Great stuff I am quite proud (I’ll talk about it in one my next posts), but I never have a chance to take pictures of it because I always great (silly) reasons not to do it. But now that I have a garden (yeepee !), you will see great pictures! 🙂
In the beginning of July, I enrolled in an EDD program, also know as “Unlimited experience”. If you’re a jobseeker and there is such a program close to your town, go for it. It changes my life ! Seriously, no kidding. I may even have a job interview next week (still waiting for a confirmation call), after almost one year and half. So I am very excited, and also quite busy because this is a volunteer-run organisation so I fcontribute to activities.
I am also starting next week some classes in geoenvironmental engineering. I am in the field of environment and safety, with extensive experience managing hazardous materials, and my dream job is working in the remediation field but I don’t have (yet) the right background. So I am starting a certificate degree program, in distance education, to get the right knowledge. It starts next week (great, we won’t have internet home!) but I realised 2-3 weeks ago that I never studied Soils Mechanics and that I probably need to learn about it before the class (I know, this is extremely stupid, how could I thought that I could study Intermediate Soil Mechanics without any knowledge in Mechanics or Geology ?? I am a little brainless these days !). So I bought a book and I started studying on my own. 10 days to learn the basics! :S

Yep, my life is a little crazy this summer. I’ll be back beginning of September to show you my work. Before that, Mr Hubby and I will spend a week in Toronto for the wedding of a friend (I sewed a dress for this event, you’ll see !) and to enjoy a nice break.

I have to go now, Mr Hubby is back and I need him to unmount the bedframe !
See you soon ladies !

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