Summer Spilly Mitts

When I say “knitting during summertime”, people will answer me “yeah, why not”, but if I say “knitting mitts during summertime”, ahum “are you sure everything is fine in your little head ?!?”

Let me reassure you, everything is fine with me, but as Mr Hubby and I had plan to go hiking and camping in Lassen Volcanic National Park, I needed something to warm my hands. So I recently knitted a pair of mitts. That I wore everything morning as the temperature was not very high. Let me show you !


Pattern: Spilly mitts by Spilly Jane
Yarn: Cascade 220 sport

I fell in love with the cablework when I saw this pair of mitts on Ravelry. I have to say that I am glad I am over because cablework with double-pointed needles in US size 4 is definitely not my cup of tea. Too much cablework in fact ! I never imaged saying that one day ! But the result is so cute, it’s warm, not too long, not too large, really perfect. I modified the back of the hand by doing the same cablework than the front part and I don’t regret it.

I have other stuff to show you but I don’t know when it will be possible. I finished a dress and I am working on a blouse (with personal design. Almost done) but I am so busy right now with my job search that I don’t know when to do so. Also, never having any comment is not very motivating to keep on posting. So don’t worry if you don’t hear from me, I am just busy these days.

See you !

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