Make this look: the soda fountain dress

Remember the Soda Fountain dress ? Sew Weekly made some suggestions to sew that dress and I was very excited about that project.

While ginger is not a colour I really wear, I decided to do it in navy colour. So I start shopping, helped by Sew Weekly suggestions:
– New Look pattern 6587 – $3
– 3y of Kona Cotton Yarrow in navy. Funny thing, there are only 2 colours available: ginger and navy! – $16.5
– a set of button (diam. 5/8″) – $1.25
– an 22″ invisible zipper – $3.50
– some assorted thread – $3
($27.5 instead of $45. Not bad)

On top of that, I added the New Look pattern 6750 (I already owned it), because the skirt from #6587 is too large, too many pleats, while the the skirt from #6750 has a great fit. I sewed that pattern last year and I only had to reduced the waist a little. I used that dress to adjust the Soda Fountain one.

So, before I start writing too much blabla, let me show you my version!

Edit (october 2012): since I have a garden and that I am wearing that dress, I took some better pictures. Sorry for the folds, this is not I hate pressing, this is just I have a short window to take pictures (around 5PM) and as I wore the dress the whole day, well, there are folds everywhere!

Isn’t it beautiful ? I didn’t add the knot and ribbon, I am not sure about it. What do you think about it ? (2)

This is a project I enjoyed during the whole process. So far, I think this is a premiere! I am pretty proud of myself because this project required a lot of work and adjustments and I never gave up, nor abandon the project in a corner. Usually, when I am facing difficulties and things aren’t going like I want, I frogged the project and struggle to finish it. But that dress was different. May be because I manage it on my own instead of following the whole pattern.

I had to re-draw a lot of pieces and to adjust the whole dress. Also, I had to make sure the top and the skirt were fitting together, which was not a easy task. And I like all these thoughts I had to consider. Let me detail you all the alterations I had to do.

First, as the bust ease was about 4″ (not kidding. I can’t understand why so much), I sewed a muslin. I had to re-draw the seam princesses and the fitting is now definitely better.  I inverted the front facing by placing it on the right side, so as to be a placket.
Then I started drawing the pattern for the skirt using #6750. It wasn’t that easy because first, the waistline drawn on both patterns were not at the same height (kind of weird, no?). And the side panel seams weren’t matching with those from the top. I had to do a lot of maths (aka adding and subtracting inches, you know how much I like that) but it turned out I didn’t make any mistake ! 🙂 Hooray for me! Another step inside the imperial unit system!

That dress is so beautiful, I want to wear all the time, but I have one problem to solve first: find a nice and comfy pair of shoes ! (my life is so complicated ! ;)) Any idea ? (3)

Edits (October 2012)
#2: I sewed the belt with the remaining fabric (just had enough for). It doesn’t look great, so I decided not to wear it.
#3: As you may have noticed, I found some gorgeous shoes, real leather, very good quality, small heels ( <2″. I am tall enough, I don’t need more). This is the model Mindy, from the Brazilian brand “Mariana by GOLC”. I got them 50% off, what else could I ask for?
#4: yeah, lots of edits today! Thanks to WordPress stats, this article seems to be the most famous of my blog. I have lots of visitors coming with the keywords “sew soda fountain dress”. So if you sewed your own version of the Soda Fountain dress, I would be very curious to see it. So please leave me a comment with your blog address. Thank you !!

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