Fail#2 : The dream stripes shawl

Commonly known as “the lace nightmare”.

Every time I’m working on a big knitting project, I’m thinking “Oh no, I won’t do that again for a while”. Of course, I thought that when I was finishing the Blackberry cabled cardigan. But every time I say that, after a few weeks, I can’t resist and I start a new project. But this time, I decided to be reasonable and I start a small project. A shawl.

The Dream Stripes shawl is a very basic pattern with a lace border. And it’s also a free project on Ravelry. I finished the project yesterday, as I was sick these days, I spent a lot of time dying laying in the sofa, so I was able to finally finish that project.

Isn’t it lovely ?

Pattern: Dream Stripes
Yarn: Sensations (from Jo-Ann), Truly

So first, I have to say I didn’t really have fun to knit it. I had to undo several times my work to re-start again. I changed the M1L and M1R by Kf&b, because everytime I knit a M1 right or left, I have the same result as a YO, a lovely hole. You might have understand it, I am not comfortable with lace work. Also, it was all stockinette work and I found that really boring (good for me, it was a small project), which makes me reconsider my future knitting projects.

Then, when I finally finished the stockinette work, I started the lace work. Here is a warning. Ladies, you are entering in a horror museum. If you are sensitive, you better stop reading that article right now, because you might have some nightmare after that.
Something weird happens, my shawl was not correctly centered, there were apparently a few more stitches on the left side than on the right side. I might have forgotten some YO in the last rows, but I was too lazy to undo. Then I knitted the first nine rows of the lace work, just enough to realize it wasn’t looking great. Fact is, I read the pattern from left to right, instead of right to left (newbie mistake). So I undid and started again, from right to left.

After almost 2 rows, I realised I had too many stitches in the first part of the pattern. Same player, start again !
On my third trial, still from right to left, I still had too many stitches on the first part of the pattern lace, but I was getting bored and lazy, and I decided to trick it a bit. Sometimes I had to many stitches: no problem, I’ll make a K2tog. Sometimes, some stitches were missing: no problem, I’ll make a M1. Don’t EVER do that and be braver than I was, undo and restart from fresh.

Now is the time for the fail pictures. Are you ready for the horror show ? (you are allowed to say “eeekk” “argggh” “OMG” and even to cry and suddenly close your browser)

Shawl not centered !

Lace work details. Check with the other Ravelry projects, do you recognized the lace pattern ? Me neither :S  That’s why I am giving you a hint !

Ladies, sorry for these terrible pictures. I hope your eyes are not bleeding ! Have a nice day and a night without knitting nightmare !

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