The blackberry cabled cardigan

Or “why I didn’t post anything recently” part 2.

After I finished sewing Rosamund, I though my next knitting project would be the Geodesic cardigan. And then, I realised I didn’t have any cardigan with long sleeves in my wardrobe and that I needed one. In my Ravelry favorite list, there was the Blackberry Cabled Cardigan. So beautiful. The cable work is so great (I love cable work!!). But I was afraid it was too complicated for me, I am still a beginner and Rosamund was not very technical.

I was so annoyed not having any long sleeves cardigan that I decided “Let’s go nut ! Give it a try!”.
I made a few modifications. I knitted the body is knitted instead of three. I wasn’t excited about the idea of seaming knit pieces together (I never did that before). The sleeves are knitted in circular (less seaming) and I made them a bit longer because I have long arms. Before blocking, they were about 1″ longer than the pattern, and I was afraid it was not enough. After blocking, they were about 3″longer !! Good thing, I love long sleeves. For the collar, I had to buy a new cable for my needles and some connectors, which enables me to have a circular needle with a 92″ cable (2 32″ cables + a 28″) !! Now I can knit shawls ! 🙂

I’m pretty glad I avoid as much as I can the seaming stuff because it enabled me to save some yarn: I used 7 full skeins (don’t have a lot remaining) instead of 8 recommended ! Hooray !

And there is the final result, after blocking.
(click to have a bigger view)


Pattern: Blackberry Cabled Cardigan
Yard: Cascade 220 Heathers, colour #2446 “bronzed green” (or in my opinion “thyme”)

I really like the result and it’s really warm. It took me about 5 weeks to knit the whole stuff. The yarn doesn’t scratch my arms (hooray !); there are just three things:

1/ I hate the Berry stitch!!! I hesitated for a long time before starting my projects, whether to use that stitch. Because the berry stitch adds a lot of texture and marry well with the cable pattern, I kept it. And I hated it. I’m pretty sure that without that stitch, I would have end up the project faster (without considering the technical difficulty)

2/ It’s a bit too large for me. Well, the pattern for the sleeves is too large. But the body too, I should have knitted a size mixed between the 34 1/2 ” and the 38″. In the other hand, I can use it as a jacket, which is idea I like a lot.

3/ the collar tends to have its own life (as you can see on the pictures!) I am not sure to have clearly understand the yarn-over stuff.

But anyway, this is my second long project and I am pretty happy with the results (not to say very proud of myself!). I like to wear it, it’s so warm. And it wasn’t that hard, cables are so fun! I just have to work on my patience, but I guess this is common with knitter-beginners.

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