The polka-dotted blouse

Wow, this is my 3rd article in less than a week, I am such a crazy blogger!!

Ahum. Today, I have the pleasure to show you my last (finished) project I can actually wear! I feel like this didn’t happen for a while. Except for my knit, my last wearable project was a top. Well, this is another top. More business casual, because I need some clothes to wear for the day I’ll be back to work (if this ever happens).

I used a New Look pattern (yeah, another one. I really like New Look patterns, the instructions are very clear, I learnt sewing with it), the #6808. I bought this pattern last year when I wanted to sew a scallop collar with Casey’s tutorial. It’s a great tutorial, but I won’t show the result. All I can tell you that my fabric was not really appropriate and that my scallops were too small. So I decided to give it a second chance with the view C. I saw some possibilities to make a vintage look with the collar, by removing the fake knot and sewing buttons. I changed my mind when I saw the collar of the Sassy Secretary dress from the Mad Men challenge in Sew Weekly. Exactly what I’ve been looking for !


I feel a bit dressed like a a flight attendant. Would you like another glass of champagne?

You may like or not the fabric design. I am not sure this is the best design for this top, but I really like the result. The collar is great, for the next one (because there will be others like that! 🙂 ), I will try to adjust the length of the knot and position it 1-2 inches closer to the middle. Also, a contrasted collar, with another fabric or a bias would be great. So much idea for a lovely project ! 🙂

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