Inspiration #1: Make this look

I recently discovered Sew Weekly (silly me! Who doesn’t know it ?), a great source of inspiration about sewing and vintage clothing. Some of the projects exposed gave some ideas of alterations for my projects. But the biggest inspiration in Sew Weekly is the “Make this look” part. OMG. This is just so great. Specially for someone like me who is unable to figure out a look different from the one in the front page of the envelop of the pattern !

Suddenly, some patterns I saw so many times while shopping at Jo-Ann and that never really caught my eyes turned to gorgeous vintage dresses. And the great part, there are some suggestions about the fabrics, with examples sold over the web. So here is my new drama: I want to sew them all! There are so many beautiful dresses that I can’t decide which one will be my next project.

Watch these!

So cute !

I want this one so badly, in navy.

One of my favourites! Definitely in my-do-list.

This one is very nice and turns out to be very similar to my last winter obsession: this dress. I don’t have the same pattern but this definitely encourage to sew it.

And you, which project inspires you ?

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