Epic fails #1

Or “why I didn’t post anything recently” part 1

More than 3 weeks since my last post ! Let me reassure you, I’m fine, I haven’t been abducted by a bunch of aliens, I wasn’t on vacation (too bad, I wish I were), no, I was busy sewing. Yeah, I’ve been sewing a lot, and knitting too (I’ll talk about that later), but let’s say things didn’t turn exactly as I wanted it to. So today I inaugurate my Epic Fail series, yeah, a series, because I’m pretty sure this would happen again !

I had several projects in progress. My first one was a new handbag project. Remember the Amy Butler Blossom bag ? It’s a nice one but it’s way too big for me, so I wanted to sew one smaller. I opted for a personal design, like a pair of jeans, well the butt part with pockets and carriers. Turned out I had a lot of jeans fabric remaining from a skirt project and I also had enough fabric remaining from a skirt project (the same in fact, but not the same attempt) for a bright lining. All I needed was some interfacing (because my jeans fabric was stretchy, ahah so funny), some thread, a few zippers and some buckles for the handle. I was very excited because this was a project to recycle fabrics from my stash and because it looks really great.

Except too much interfacing kills the sewing machine. I should have learnt the lesson from the Blossom handbag, but no, I tried to sew too many jeans pieces together and the result is definitely not neat, it’s too thick. This is where I’m stuck now. I have to unsew some stretchy heavy fabric whose interfacing is ripping. Let’s face the truth, even if I am almost done and I really want a new handbag, I’m bored unsewing this bag.

Here is the result!

  Abandoned on my working table…

Notice the details with the rivet !


Zippers are not the same colours, could find anything in that length 😦


My second project is a lace top. I used the New Look pattern 6913 (remember this), with some lace and a thick stretchy satin. Clearly, these are my mistakes: wrong fabric. My satin is very thick and the seam didn’t look flat, because this fabric apparently have its own life. But the worst mistake is the lace. It’s scratchy !! I am not kidding, when I tried the top with one sleeve, I couldn’t help scratching my arm all the time. Plus, the fabric is not good for this kind of sleeves, it looks rigid instead of the lovely close to the skin sleeve you can see in lace top. Doesn’t look scratchy either !

(no photo to show you, apparently, they have disappeared from my DSLR. This is really weird, I’ll have to investigate!)

So there I am, stuck with one long scratchy sleeve (you should see how I look stupid like that !). So I have to unsew the sleeve but I don’t know what kind of sleeves to use instead. I would like to reuse the lace but I am not inspired I’m thinking about short sleeves.

So, now that you know my recent epic fails, does anyone has some personal sewing fail to share ?

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