Meet Wally the Whale !

When I was a kid, I was in love with a lot of animals and I was very sensitive to the cause of endangered species. I even had a pair of pyjamas “Save the Whales” (probably something related to WWF) when I was 10 !

When I was 23, I worked for 6 months in the north coast of Scotland (look for Thurso, in Caithness !) and during lunchtime, I used to walk by the seashore (I was very lucky because my office was located on the seashore, close to cliffs) and look at the sea. In July that year, I saw these impressive mammals travelling and this encounter left a deep mark on me. I had some impressive dreams about whales and killer whales for a very long time after that, it was always magic.

So, when Needles & thread wrote a note about how to recycle your jeans and when I saw this whale, I couldn’t resist, I had to invite one of them to my place ! The original model is from Mevrouw Walvis, a finnish lady. Don’t worry, Google translation is your friend and might help you to understand how she did that marvellous work. Big up for her !

In my case, Wally is a baby whale, my model is definitely smaller than hers. It doesn’t change anything except that my pieces were so small that I had some difficulties to turn them on the right side once sewed. I had nothing for the eyes, so I used some rivets, which makes Wally the only whale with shiny star eyes !

Does anyone of you try to sew a whale too ? Or did you try another way to recycle your jeans ?

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