The one who wanted a pair of shorts

I am not a real fashion girl, I am always late with tendencies. Last winter, while shopping at Forever 21, I found a nice pair of shorts, in a wool fabric and I though “This is not the kind of thing I usually wear, but I should definitely give a try”. I didn’t buy it, I don’t even remember trying it, probably because I couldn’t find my size. And the winter passed (ahum, can we really say there is a winter here ?) and I forgot about it. And this winter, paf ! Shorts are back ! Over the web, I saw a lot of them, either sewed or from a great clothing brand. So while it is still a tendency, I decided it was really time to give it a try.

I used New Look pattern 6873. I initially bought this pattern for the skirt (I’ll show you one day, great result), so let’s reuse it ! At first, I wanted some beige corduroy, or let’s go nut, some purple corduroy ! But while shopping for fabric, I found that gray cotton fabric, and fell in love with it again (I already sew a Burda skirt with it. If I am in a good mood, I’ll show you the result). And I had some Liberty cotton fabric that would made a great job for the lining.


Here is the result ! Aren’t they great ? (sorry, not a lot of pictures. This week, this is the monsoon, so the light is pretty crappy)
I really like the look, the folds in front make a difference and a style I really like. They are very comfy, with or without a pair of thighs and fit perfectly. They are so comfy that in fact, I will sew some summer version pretty soon (yeah, despite the monsoon, we already had some hot weather that requires shorts !)

They are quite easy to sew, though I never sew pants, this was new for me. I wonder if it possible to improve the fly sewing, I will check in my Bible because it did seem to me a bit messy. I just made a mistake, I sewed the right front yoke where the left front yoke was supposed to be, and vice versa. It’s not a big mistake, I don’t think anybody will notice it, but next time, I’ll be more careful !

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