My blossom handbag

I’m not the kind of person who have lots and lots of handbags, I just have one I used all the time, a Roxy, which is getting dirtier over the time (not easy to clean it) and make me look like I’m still a sudent. So I wanted a lady handbag. One I can sew. Of course I had to try a pattern from Amy Butler !! I got the Blossom handbag pattern (I downloaded it for free, don’t remember where), the bag looks so great that I wanted badly.

During that project, I met my new friend Peltex. It turned my world upside down, I can’t believe I could have live without such a thing ! Later, when I had to sew all the pieces together, I began to damn Amy Butler because she over-used it so much than sewing the pieces together was tricky. Amy, what kind of sewing machine do you have ? Is it a old model for Army stuff ?!? Because seriously, too much Peltex almost defeated my poor Elna.

So I made some modifications.
Because the side panels were already peltexed, I decided to reduce the size of the Peltex divider panels, like this the divider edges were thinner and it should be easier to sew (the zipped divider is interfaced without Peltex, for more flexiblity). Well, it should have been. I guess Amy has a great powerful sewing machine, because I gave up and riveted the whole stuff. It’s look even better !
I didn’t like the tied hands, it looks cheap, so after seeing the Toffee’s version, I opted for metal shackles (the rivets idea comes from here too). The bag looks like more something you buy from a store.



The result is great, except that it is waaaay too big for me. I definitely don’t use big handbag, but it’s not a lost cause. It’s big enough for books and strong enough to support their weight. The book in the picture weight about 3 lbs (more than 1000 pages, still haven’t to read it) but now I can carry it safely everywhere !

Although, if I had to sew another (a smaller one), I would change a few things.
1/ I would check the fabric requirements. I join Lladybird in that comment : Amy, how come I have so much extra fabric ? I had enough to sew two linings !!!
2/ Because of the metal shackles, and because I don’t like the way it goes with the flap, I would make the handle brackets shorter. I realized too late that is what Toffee did for his second Blossom Bag and it’s way better. It’s also easier for the flap when you close it.
3/ I will use less Peltex, specially for the side panels and the dividers. Guess what ? Toffee did the same ! (Toffee is my God, but I should have read more carefully his articles !)
4/ I will probably attach the magnet to the flap interfaced with Peltex, I am afraid with the current design, it will be torn quickly.

Did you sew it ? What did you think about it ?

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  1. anita

     /  April 17, 2013

    I’ve made two of these bags and you tell the truth here! The Peltex nearly made my Singer Heavy Duty cry uncle, and my bar tacks on the sides looked awful. Then I had enough extra fabric to make Amy’s Cosmo bag, plus a simple tote that I didn’t need a pattern for. The bags are cute but I always end up with some kind of construction flaw that makes me not want to use them for long.

    • Anita, I’m glad to hear I am not the only one in this situation. Wow, even your Heavy Duty singer suffered, that’s really weird. But you know what? One of the request that bring people to my blog is: “what kind of sewing machine does Amy Butler use?”, so I guess everybody has the same problem!
      On the other hand, it seems like Toffee has mastered the project and its construction by modifying the project, so it might be good to check on his blog…

  1. Handbag – Blossom Bag by Amy Butler | Press & Pin

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